Horsing Around Cooper Martin

(Ernie) Hi friends, I’m Ernie Rodina. (Dawn) And I’m Dawn Dawson with the Better Horses Radio Show right here on AG am in Kansas. (Ernie) And Dawn we’re here again with the Horsing Around segment which I look forward to every week and wow look who we got to hook up with. (Dawn) Can you believe it? (Ernie) We talk about him all the time on the radio, great young man, Cooper Martin. Cooper, welcome to AG am in Kansas Horsing Around. (Cooper) How you doing? (Ernie) Really good. I tell you what, how are you doing, is what we want to ask. (Cooper) I’m doing great. (Ernie) You’re living the life aren’t you? Living the dream? (Dawn) You know, Cooper you have a big story that we’re real proud of. You’re only what, 16 years old? (Cooper) Seventeen. (Dawn) Seventeen now. And you are competing professionally across the United States in calf roping and doing awesome. You went to the American Rodeo, the huge event down in Dallas area. You just recently competed at the best of the best calf roping. You are running for the big bucks, like the big guys are. (Ernie) He looks just like the big guys down there. (Dawn) And running right with them. You are doing awesome. (Cooper) Thank you ma’am. (Ernie) And your Grandma makes great cookies too. (Cooper) Yes sir. (Dawn) She does. So, tell us how did you get started calf roping? (Cooper) I was real young and just wanted to rope and we made it happen. I went over to Monty Dyers when I was eight years old and had my first calf down. (Ernie) There are different areas we learn on picking up time, as far as cutting time off and everything. And one of them you think about is getting down the rope. Let’s talk about those different segments of the calf roping that you really try to work on to improve your time. (Cooper) I really try to work on my get off. If I am closer to my horse, then my horse will work better. My whole time is going to be better. And that is the only thing I ever worked on. Not speed getting down the rope, just trying to do things right. (Dawn) Getting off correctly and… (Cooper) Close to your horse, saddle horn, if you ride your horse good, your horse is going to work good, all you got to do is work with the calf. (Dawn) What do you have to do to keep a calf roping horse going like your horses are going? And you just went through a tragic loss of a horse, but it looks like you have come around and found another one you’re getting along well with. (Cooper) Yes ma’am. I’ve got a really nice horse, a really nice horse. He’s 12 and one of the best one’s I’ve ever rode. (Ernie) You’ve got two of them that you… one you practice on and one that you compete in. (Cooper) I have three that I compete on and one practice horse. (Ernie) So, there’s a lot… certainly a ritual you do to keeping your horse in great shape and everything from that standpoint. Because you are asking a lot of them. (Cooper) Yes sir. (Dawn) What do you do? Give us a tip. (Cooper) I exercise them. Once they know what to do, they don’t need a million runs. They know what to do, I just keep them in shape and when they need tuning up, then I tune them up. Exercising is all I do. (Dawn) So, one of the things that we’ve asked a lot of people and we’ve talked to people like Trevor Pursell, which you have competed against and you’re right there with them. What does it take to go in that arena and have the capability to win? What… do you go through anything, training mentally to get there? (Cooper) I just practice a lot. And when I get with the big guys, I just try to make it just like it’s an amateur rodeo with nobody else there. I mean, it’s the same… I try to make the same thing every time I bag in the box. (Dawn) You just do your job. (Cooper) Just go try to do the best I can on the calf I got. (Ernie) I never will forget we interviewed Joe Beaver and Joe Beaver talked about you and he says you know what, I’ll pay your entry fee any time, any day, if you’ll split it. But you probably haven’t taken him up on that have you? (Cooper) No, he’s bought me a couple times from the Calcutta and I had to split it with him. (Ernie) Wow. (Dawn) He made that happen didn’t he? (Ernie) That’s a pretty good statement coming from that stand point. To our kids out there that are ropers, I look at you ropers, there’s a lot of good youth ropers and everything from that standpoint. You’re kind of like the Michael Jordan of this era, or could be as far as your roping. What are you doing different that you give a lot of your credit to? (Cooper) Just practice. My Mom and Dad they keep calves on the place and I am able practice. (Dawn) You know what Cooper, we’re just real proud of you and you know the Best of the Best is what I’ve heard doubled their money for next year, up to $200,000. The American is supposedly going to double their money up to $2 million possibly, so we are looking forward to watching you at these big events and seeing you going down the road with your successes. (Ernie) Cooper don’t ever forget what you call me. (Cooper) GB. (Ernie) GB cause I want you to remember these days when we are interviewing you and everything else, I expect gold buckle seats. (Cooper) That’s right. (Ernie) When you make it to the national finals and everything. (Dawn) We’ll be there, absolutely. (Ernie) Really appreciate you. And you know what, you’re not only a great champion roper, but you’re a great young man, that anybody would be proud to call a son. (Cooper) Thank you sir. (Ernie) Thank you so much. I tell you, it’s just great this Horsing Around. And folks, thanks for tuning in. I’m Ernie Rodina. (Dawn) And I’m Dawn Dawson. We are here with Cooper Martin today on Horsing Around on AG am in Kansas. 

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