Horsing Around – Dr. Blevins and Ernie Rodina

(Ernie) Hi friends, Ernie Rodina with the Better Horses Radio Show out at the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo. Unbelievable, just an unbelievable event and I’m here on behalf of AGam in Kansas, a great show. We’re here featuring a lot of cowboys, cowgirls and great veterinarians. This is Dr. Chris Blevins. Doc, great to run into you out here. (Chris) Yeah. (Ernie) And just what a wonderful event. (Chris) It’s just a wonderful event. And it’s a wonderful team work that we have with Kansas State University and Dodge City Rodeo Committee to get us to come out here. And we got some students out here with us, so this is just great. (Ernie) You’re part of K-State’s field services and the one thing, you know we’ve got this nice weather and everything, getting towards the fall. There’s a lot of health issues that come up, maybe a few weeds or things like that and we’ve had cases of colic. (Chris) Yeah, that’s right. You know I think a lot of times you’ve got to think about when you’re taking and going a lot of places with your horses, there’s a lot of stress. And those stress things can lead to potentially colic, in addition to respiratory disease and those kind of things. So, paying attention to those horses is very beneficial. All these rodeo horses, they’re have to keep a close eye on them, cause they want to keep ’em healthy. But heck yeah, they could have pneumonia or they could get colicky so working those up is always a possibility. (Ernie) I would think with all the different travels water intake would be an issue too for these horses. (Chris) That’s right and yeah, and that’s a thing where when you think about water intake and that of the horse, some horses actually prefer different tastes of water, so if you do a lot of traveling sometimes it’s best to have your own water and bring your own water with you because you never know if the horse is gonna drink that. Or you can add flavors to the water too. But making sure horses drink that water is very crucial. (Ernie) And these rodeo horses don’t have the luxury of coming in two days early, getting acclimated to the weather and everything else. This is like driving all night, get there and perform. And it’s real crucial on what their vital signs and everything are gonna be. (Chris) That’s right. These horses, it’s almost, if you look out here in an evening you’ll see trailers in and out of here so fast and that’s just because they’re going from one place to the other and so, making sure they keep track of you know the respiration rate, attitude, and keeping so they eat is a big indicator of how healthy they are. You talk to all the winners and all the performers in this rodeo and they’ll tell you what is so important is to have a good relationship with their local veterinarian and veterinarians on the ground like yourself. (Chris) That’ right, yep. Just get ’em involved as soon as possible and head it off before it gets too bad. (Ernie) Well folks, thanks for tuning in to AGam in Kansas. I’m Ernie Rodina with Better Horses Radio Show. Check us out at betterhorsesradio.com. Thank you.

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