Horsing Around – Dr. David Ripple

Hello and welcome to Horsing Around, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and today we’re at Dodge City Rodeo. And I’m joined by the veterinarian here at Dodge City, Dr. David Ripple. And he has a clinic here in Dodge City and has been practicing in Dodge City for how long? (David) Since 1975. (Chris) Since 1975. Graduated from Kansas State University in? (David) ’72. (Chris) 1972. So, it is nice to be out here and he is actually one of the…head of getting Kansas State Vet School back here and involved with the Dodge City Rodeo. What…or how long have they been doing the Dodge City Rodeo here? (David) Well, the rodeo started with a committee of volunteers in the mid ‘ 70s. And has grown from a little one performance rodeo or one go round rodeo to a six day event as we see it today. And one of the largest rodeos in the nation. (Chris) And if you haven’t been to the Dodge City Rodeo it is alot different than the other rodeos, I mean everything goes very efficiently and they’re all volunteers. right? (David) Right. (Chris) The whole rodeo is made up of volunteers that keep things rolling. (David) Right. The rodeo committee is all volunteer. There’s only one paid executive secretary and the rest has just grown from basically, community interest. (Chris) And the hospitality is just phenomenol. I think the other thing is that the rodeo goes on during the Dodge City Days which is another two week event? (David) Ten day event. (Chris) Ten day event so it’s a very busy time here in Dodge City. (David) If you want the taste of the old west, that’s when to come. (Chris) It is just really neat. Every time we bring students out here that’s what they say, is just the experience is alot different. Kansas State University has been coming here for how long, we’re kinda thinking? (David) We’re thinking around, started around 2000 coming here. I approached Dr. Richardson at the time and tried to get…thought it would be a good experience for the students. And fortunately he agreed, sent a clinician and four students almost every year, I think we missed a couple of years. And it’s just been a tremendous experience for the students. (Chris) Yeah and with this, you know, that includes, we have actually an elective now, so students sign up for it. And it’s a tough elective and there’s alot that want to come here. And so it’s a kind of a high priority for students who want to come. We get to do all kind of things, during and in between the rodeo with the students. So, it is a great event and a great partnership with Dodge City Rodeo and with Kansas State University. (David) Well, we certainly appreciate Kansas State coming and we enjoy immensely having the students, we just hope it’s educational for them. (Chris) Yes. And everything that is done out here, especially the weather this year has been great. And hope that this partnership continues on for a long time. (David) For a long time. We really appreciate the vet school sending you out. And it takes a load off of me too. (Chris) Yep. Well, thank you Dr. Ripple. If you ever have a chance, come to Dodge City Rodeo, it’s always around the first week of August, right? (David) Right. (Chris) And it’s a great time. So, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Vet Health Center. We’ll see you around.

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