Horsing Around – Dr. R. C. Trotter

(Ernie) Hi friends, Ernie Rodina with the Better Horses Radio Show, here with AGam in Kansas. At the Daddy of them all in Kansas, and that’s the Dodge City Roundup PRCA Rodeo, million dollar rodeo. I’m here with the godfather of this rodeo, Dr. Trotter. Dr. Trotter you’re the first person I tried to find in here because you really are a tremendous leader, tell us about your rodeo. (Trotter) Well, it’s a great rodeo, we’re just so pleased to have it. We’re growing every year and then alot of people are getting interested in us. Obviously we’re a million dollar tour rodeo. We’re a prorated hall of fame rodeo, Kansas’ largest and richest rodeo. We’re part of the Boot Hill Casino Championship Rodeo Series rodeo. We’ve got a great bunch of lineup. I know that we have 10 national finals qualifiers tonight. We’ve got a couple of world champions in Willie Lowe and Fred Whitfield that are coming. We’ve got a bunch of Kansas cowboys and we have a local favorite Jessie James Kirby, you can’t have a better name than that. (Ernie) Well I tell you what, it’s more than a rodeo when you come to Dodge CIty, it’s a festival. Everybody is involved, the whole town, the streets and everything. It’s what I vision a rodeo should be like. (Trotter) Well, we’re part of Dodge CIty Days, which really helps us and we help them. It’s a 10 day festival with 50 events going on in Dodge CIty in the next 10 days. So, there’s something to do here for everybody in Dodge City and certainly the rodeo is one of the things we like. This year we added extreme bulls, so this is our third night already of rodeo. (Ernie) We’re seeing…I saw when I came back, you’ve got the big scoreboard and the big… tremendous. I tell you what, there’s not a bad seat in the house. (Trotter) No there’s not a bad seat in this house whether you can see the score board or not. But the scoreboard really helps. We use it for replays, we use it for announcements. It really helps speed up our rodeo, so we can move this thing along. (Ernie) Twelve years you’ve been the president. And obviously those folks know what kind of leader they have because they’re keeping you in there, doing a great job. And what is the whole key to success on this. (Trotter) I have a philosophy, that all my chairman, I give them… I just tell ’em, “I’ll give you the tools to be successfull and then I’ll stay out of your way.” And even to that degree anybody that is on the committee, their opinion is worth while. Last night I went to the grounds guys and said, should we do this or not and whatever their opinion is, is what we went with, cause they’re the guys that know the most. (Ernie) You’ve got some great folks following you. And from that standpoint, you’re a great leader. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to driving from Ottawa out to Dodge City to be able to come out and work this event. It is tremendous. I would urge all of our viewers, next year if they can’t make it out this year or couldn’t make it out this year, next year make sure you mark this off on your calendar to come to Dodge City, the Dodge City Roundup. It’s the most unbelievable… It’s like being in Cheyenne. It’s like being at the national finals Just a great time. Doc we really appreciate… (Trotter) Thank you very much. (Ernie) …everything you do. And folks again, this is Ernie Rodina with Better Horses Radio and AGam in Kansas. It’s unbelievable.

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