Horsing Around – Equifest is Moving

(Chris) Hello, and welcome to Horsin’ Around, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center down at EquiFest and I am with the Director of the Kansas Horse Council, Patti Stalder, and thank you for being on the show. (Patti) I appreciate being here. (Chris) You know I think the Kansas Horse Council has some very exciting, new things happening every year, including EquiFest. Could you just kind of elaborate on EquiFest 2016? (Patti) Absolutely, it’s a big change and we’re very, very excited because we’re moving. The venue here in Wichita has been sold so we are moving to the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson. And we’re going to keep the same weekend, Valentine’s weekend works really well for everybody. It’s a great venue there. I think everybody knows where the State Fairgrounds are there in Hutch. Lots of hotels and restaurants. It’s just gonna be a fabulous new location for us. (Chris) That will be great. You know, I think the other thing is some people might be wondering, well is EquiFest still gonna be the same or are they changing any part of Equifest and can you say any part of that? (Patti) We’re trying to keep it the same as much as possible. The venue is a little bit different with the layout, but we will have all the vendors there. Just as many vendors. We’ll have a little more space. We’ll have the arena set up, more than one arena. So, everything is basically gonna be the same, just in a little bit different location. (Chris) OK. So, gonna have a lot of stuff to potentially buy? (Patti) Yea. (Chris) They’re gonna have a lot of new information to learn from clinicians and horses will be there. (Patty) Yes, yes. Right, we’ll have lots of entertainment, education, shopping, shopping, shopping. (Chris) Yep. No, that will be great. You know, I think the other aspect of people and rumors is like gosh, you know, changing and is it gonna be the same? And I think you’ve got all that kind of figured out. And as it gets closer and they want to get more information about EquiFest, where could they go for that? (Patti) The kansashorsecouncil.com website is a good resource and I’m always available at the Horse Council Office if they want to call me It’s 785-776-0662. So, just contact the office or look at our website. And there’s also an EquiFest of Kansas website, so we’ll be putting information on there. If you do Facebook, we’ll have the Kansas Horse Council Facebook page and there’s a Fans of EquiFest Facebook page, so ask to join those. (Chris) Great. You know, and some people, well I don’t know exactly, I’ve never been to the State Fairgrounds, probably on that website will be the aspects of where to find some of those things too. (Patti) Right, right. We’ll have it all laid out there. Big changes. (Chris) That’ll be great. And I think staying tuned to the aspect of what’ll be there clinician wise, we’ll have that too. (Patti) Right. As soon as we get our clinicians lined up we’ll be posting it on those websites and on those places and be happy to share all that news as it comes rolling in. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we’re really excited about it. It’s a great team at the State Fairgrounds, we’re really looking forward to working with them there. (Chris) And I think that’s a big part of it, just that camaraderie and… (Patti) It really is. (Chris) … and just wanting to do what’s best for the horse community in Kansas. (Patti) It really is. Yes. (Chris) Well thank you Patti for everything that you do for the Kansas Horse Council, getting everything ready and rolling for EquiFest 2016. 2015 has been great. (Patti) Oh fabulous, fabulous. (Chris) Down here. (Patti) We call it “The Last Hurrah in Wichita.” (Chris) Yep, that’s great. Well, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins with Horsin’ Around and we’ll see you around.

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