Horsing Around – KHSRA Officers

(Ernie) Hello friends, I’m Ernie Rodina. (Dawn) And I’m Dawn Dawson, we’re with the Better Horses Radio show right here on AG am in Kansas. (Ernie) These three rock stars, right here. They’re going to be competing. (Dawn) That’s right. (Ernie) Great to be here. And ladies, we’ve got Brandi Hollenbeck, we’ve got Hannah Holland, we’ve got Paige Wiseman. (Dawn) Yes we do. (Ernie) You all are officers for the High School Rodeo Association. (Dawn) And all seniors. (Ernie) Kansas high school seniors. (Dawn) We’re with all the upper classmen today. (Ernie) All straight “A” students? Pretty close? Pretty close. (Girls) Yes. (Ernie) I bet I am. Hey, tell us what this weekend means to you ladies. (Paige) Well this weekend means so much. It’s all of your hard work over the season. All coming together. (Ernie) Brandi, you’ve been in the winner circle before, as a freshman, am I correct? (Brandi) Yes. (Ernie) You are what? (Brandi) National Champion. (Ernie) Unbelievable. Just a great job you’ve done there and we got a lot of horse power Dawn right between us here and in the three right here. (Dawn) Now have you all been, had the chance to get to Wyoming? (Paige) Yes ma’am. (Dawn) What level is that, what is that called? (Paige) The Nationals. (Dawn) The Nationals. (Paige) Yes. (Dawn) So, you’ve all made it out there at some point, so you’re excited to go again this year, right? (Paige) Oh yes. (Ernie) You know, I look at all three of you and I think you really accomplished a lot. But you’ve had a lot of support. You’ve got great parents. A lot of support. It seems like just the other day you were Freshman, or in junior high events. So, it’s just really great. Paige, what’s your favorite event? (Paige) I love to rope. Roping is my favorite. I love my horse. It just all works out. (Dawn) Now, did you guys all compete as young kids? Has this been a long term… (Hannah) The three of us actually grew up together, rodeoing, competing throughout youth rodeos in junior high and now high school. (Paige) I’ve known Hannah since five, six years old. We used to go ride together. (Dawn) I’ve seen all three of you grow up myself, so being involved in the barrel horse world and your Mom, Marty doing everything that she does in barrel racing and you know Hannah’s family and Paige’s family. It’s a big rodeo group of people isn’t it? (Hannah) Essentially we’re all one big family. (Ernie) So, you’re going to be seniors. So this means, you not only get to compete this year, but next year another whole year to be together. (Paige) I graduated, so… (Ernie) You graduated? (Brandi) This is my last year. (Ernie) Let’s talk about your plans, where you’re going. (Brandi) Garden City College, I will be on the rodeo team. (Ernie) Great rodeo program down there and we expect big things from you down there, as, well as for this weekend. (Brandi) Thank you. (Dawn) Now, tell us you guys have roles with the Kansas High School Rodeo Association. You are involved in putting these events on. Brandi you start, and you tell us what your role with the Kansas High School Rodeo is. (Brandi) I am the Secretary, so pretty much all three of us are the spokesperson for the contestants and we try to figure out some fun things to do during the rodeo season for the kids and stuff like that. (Dawn) How about you Hannah? (Hannah) I am the student president and, essentially what we do, we just spokesperson for the kids. And we started a new tradition this year for high school rodeo we hope that continues, a prom king and queen, and other fun stuff. (Dawn) That’s fun. How about you Paige? (Paige) I am the vice-president and we also just kind of help out wherever spots need filled. Right now we were handing out coats for state finals. Wherever the adults need us, we’re there to help. (Dawn) But you’re busy. Those positions keep you guys busy don’t they? (Girls) Yes. (Ernie) As a high school student, is there any age too old or too young to get involved? I mean, if they’re a junior, you would still urge them to get involved in it? (Paige) Oh yeah definitely even if you are a senior spring semester, go ahead and join us. I mean you can still come and compete and be in the state finals. (Brandi) We have a great time. (Ernie) Give us your website, so folks can go learn more about the High School Rodeo Association. Do you know what it would be? (Paige) I believe if you just Google search KHSRA. (Ernie) Thank the lord for Google. That’s it. (Dawn) Kansas High School Rodeo Association and it’s kshra.net I think, but we will check it out. (Ernie) Any one special memory of these years. I know we still got more years. One memory that sticks out, what’s been so great to you on this High School Rodeo Association? (Paige) Oh, my favorite memory by far is my Freshman year, the very first week I won the all around. My Dad and I were about 30 minutes down the road from the rodeo and we got the call saying that I’d won it. And my Dad turned right around so I could go get the halter that I won, but I will never forget that one. (Ernie) Well, congratulations. (Paige) I’ll never forget that. (Ernie) Hannah, how about for you? (Hannah) Mine is definitely… it would have been my freshman year, going into state finals, I had a lot riding on my trip to the state finals. I won the short round and made it to nationals. (Ernie) That’s great. Unbelievable. Brandi, I could almost guess it for you, but… (Brandi) My National Championship as a freshman. (Ernie) You’re sitting pretty good this year, I take it too? (Paige) Yes, fourth. (Ernie) That’s really great. (Dawn) Well, we are sure proud of you three Kansas girls, and joining us here on AG am in Kansas, we are just thrilled to death and look forward to big things for you girls. (Girls) Thank you. Thank you so much. (Ernie) Thank you so much for being part of the Horsing Around segment and part of the Better Horses Radio. I’m Ernie Rodina. (Dawn) And I’m Dawn Dawson we’re with the Better Horses Radio Show, so check that out too.

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