Horsing Around – KSU Horse Judging Team

(Dr. Blevins)  Hello and welcome to Horsing Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State Veterinary Health Center and today, we’re at Equifest and joined by Tasha Dove. She is the Kansas State University Horse Judging Coach and we’re here, and you are here this morning to help out with the Judging competition they have here at Equifest and I happened to rope you into getting an interview about the Kansas State Horse Judging Team. What is involved with the Horse Judging Team as far as how many competitions do you go to in a semester or a year? (Female) So it’s dependent upon the funding. Obviously we have that semester or that year. In a spring, we’ll only go to one actual contest and then come fall, it’s our busy season and we’ll travel to Ryker, which is in Fort Worth and then we’ll go to the AQHA Congress in Columbus and then we’ll hit the AQHA World Show, which is our big one for the year in Oklahoma City. (Dr. Blevins) Wow and what do you do or how many students or competitors do you have on the K-State Horse Judging Team? (Female) Well the 2012 team, I only had five and this year, we just started a new group, so as of right now, I have sixteen and that can die off, you know, by the time fall comes around. They might decide they don’t want to do it, but as of right now I have sixteen judges with me. (Dr. Blevins) That is awesome and are you the only coach or is there any assistant coaches at this point? (Female) I’m actually advised by Dr. Teresa Douthit, which she’s a professor at Kansas State University and, so, I kind of go under her and check everything with her to make sure I’m doing everything correctly, so other than that, it’s just me. (Dr. Blevins) Well and the other thing that maybe people may want to know in the state of Kansas is how do they get on the Horse Judging Team when they come to K-State? (Female) So when they come to Kansas State, they can talk to their advisor and usually the advisors, especially in the Ag majors, they’ll really know how to get you on there, but the biggest deal is to our beginning evaluation class, which is AnSci325. That’s offered in the spring and you’ll go through and learn the basics of horse judging. You don’t have to know anything about a horse. We’ll take you through how to give reasons, how to judge each discipline and then you can chose to be on the team or you can just continue in the class and get the grade and go on or you can be on the team and enroll in an advanced evaluation class, Animal Science 326 in the fall and then that’ll be our traveling team. (Dr. Blevins) Oh, wow. So there’s multiple things, especially if they have any questions, they can always contact either your or Dr. Douthit at Kansas State Animal Science Department and I guess the other thing that is, what can some of these students, and we’ve potentially talked about this before, what can they do after K-State with being on the Horse Judging Team, how can that further them? (Female) Well I’m pro any type of judging, anything that you want to do. As far as like myself, a prime example is I graduated from Oklahoma State and, so I was on the OSU Horse Judging Team and after doing that and being involved in that and being in that industry, that atmosphere, I realized that’s something that I really enjoyed, so I sought out my advisor and asked how I could continue this and Masters was one of them and I’m going and coaching. Other than that, you’re set to get your AQHA card when you turn twenty-six or any other breed card, so you can go and judge. Maybe it’s just a county show, maybe you’re judging at the higher level at the AQHA World or even just improve your knowledge about horses in general and how to evaluate a horse if you were to buy one or even be a veterinarian. (Dr. Blevins) That’s right and I think that really gives a good basis in the horse industry, so. Well thank you, Miss Dove for everything, information about the Kansas State Horse Judging Team. (Female) Thank you for having me. Appreciate it. (Dr. Blevins) You bet.

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