Horsing Around Kyle Lineaweaver and Mitch Murray

(Ernie) Hi friends, Ernie Rodina with the Better Horses Radio Show here at the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo. Unbelievable rodeo, a great outdoor rodeo, tremendous tradition. And look who I hooked up with. These are two great names in roping, originally from Kansas. We’ve got Kyle Lineweaver, that Lineweaver name, you look up in Webster’s with horses, there’s a Lineweaver. And then we’ve got Mitch Murray. Two partners, you guys are what they call synergy. One plus one equals three. And you’re hitting it right now, going back to that work, trying to get a chance for the short go. Let’s talk a little bit about your partnership. (Kyle) Well, I tell you what, I hadn’t went in probably five or six years… probably about six years. And I called Mitchell up last summer, interested in roping. Ropes really good, has a really nice horse, has a really good attitude and I called him up and he was interested. And it gave us something to shoot for. We started earlier this year. We haven’t really got to go to very many consecutively, it’s been kind of hit and miss here and there. Been a little slow at first. But we’re starting to make some good runs together. So, things are starting to pick up. (Ernie) Mitch, you know you’ve been roping with the Lineweaver family, in fact this guy had to be a youngster when you started roping with his Dad. (Mitch) Yes, I started roping with his Dad. His Dad and I made a short round here at Dodge City. How many years ago that’ve been? Quite a while. Kyle was just in high school and roped with his Dad for several years there. And had some success. And just proud to be roping with him. (Ernie) For our listeners out there, tell us a little bit about the horse you ride. (Mitch) I’ve got a ten year old dual pep I got from my father-in-law. And had him since he was three years old and he’s…I rode him in the pasture some, then started on him and he’s made a really nice horse. (Ernie) And Kyle what about the horse you’re riding? You had a little hard luck on the horse that you own. (Kyle) Yes sir. I had a really nice horse, I just started getting with and he got hurt. And I was already entered in these rodeos. I didn’t feel like doc releasing out. Talked to Mitch, and I borrowed a very, very nice horse from a great friend of mine name Tye Smith. The horse came from out of Oklahoma City. The horse is older, 16 years old. And I got to practice two times on him and then I got to take him straight to Phillipsburg and here. Kind of just jumped right in the fire. And the horse is amazing. (Ernie) How did you guys do up in Phillipsburg? (Kyle) We did no good. I had a little bad luck. (Ernie) Well, we wish you luck tonight and everything like that. For our listeners out there, or our viewers, tell us little bit about some advice you give these young ropers? So, they could maybe someday be going to the Dodge City rodeo. (Kyle) For anybody that wants to start the event I’m a huge fan of, it takes a lot of try, a lot of drive. You know, everybody in this sport knows it costs a lot of money, but the thing is if somebody wants something bad enough and they practice and they keep their head right and keep their head on track, good things will come. (Ernie) Kyle, Mitch thank you so much. We wish you the best of luck. Look for big things to happen between these two guys. Kyle Lineweaver and Mitch Murray, here at the Dodge City Pro Rodeo, having an unbelievable time.

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