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(Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State Veterinary Health Center and I am joined by Mr. Lee Hart, so thank you very much and he has Cowboy Logic. That’s the name of the ranch and the training they do. (Lee) We’re based out of Topeka, Kansas, at Arrow H stables there. We run a boarding and training facility. I grew up in the Flint Hills, went to high school there at Council Grove. And went to college at Colby and K-State and have spent the last 25 years just developing a passion for the horse and really working and trying to develop a program that’s simple and logical so people can understand it and be successful with their horse. (Chris) You know I think that all those things and just listening to your past history and kind of just how you got to where you are now, is also something that’s neat to know and to respect you even more with. So, like how… I know you went to Council Grove, what else have you done either with your horse, or getting to where you’re at now, that just kind of put you where you’re at? (Lee) Well, I think most importantly is I grew up on horses. We started with a ranching background. I’ve been lucky enough to work through the Flint Hills and work on all the big ranches. And you know one of the first influences in my life was Dean Smith. And he was an amazing horseman. Luckily enough, he was right there at Council Grove. And he put a thirst for knowledge in me. And he really helped prepare me to go on and to keep searching it out and to try to get better. (Chris) Yea and whenever I sat down and just listened to some of the stuff you were talking about, even yesterday was the aspects of mainly we gotta change ourselves and our own mindset on how we deal with horses, cause we try to put a lot of blame into the horse in a lot of aspects and just kind of making sure that we’re in the right frame of mind before we kind of go. Is that correct? (Lee) Oh, that’s 100 percent correct. You know a horse is a natural follower and they do not really want to take a leadership role You know, take the hunt dynamic for example. The least sought after job is the lead mare. And the only reason why one of them will step up and do it is because they have to at that stage. They do not want that. They have to be on edge all the time. They’re paying attention and if something coming it’s their job to alert everybody else. While everybody else out there, gets to be couch potatoes. They’re out there grazing, relaxed. They’re not worried about anything around them. And they’re just paying attention to that lead mare. And that’s why it’s really important when we get a horse in our hand, from the minute we catch him ’til the minute we put him away back in his nice safe comfortable environment, that we are responsible. That we are the leader. And we are responsible for every step he takes and every movement he makes at that stage. And that’s what he wants from us. So, therefore if we take that role, man we can be really positive and develop a nice confident horse. (Chris) You know, I think that’s something else, it’s just good cowboy logic, right? (Lee) Absolutely. (Chris) The horse is simple and I think that sometimes we try to complicate the situation and all we just need to do is just be good leaders. (Lee) You know, the great thing about the horsemanship clinic and all of that, and we travel all over and do ‘em, is they help you get your foundation solid. And if your foundation, you know disengage in your hips, your one rein stops, pushing the shoulders through, your leg yields. If that’s not good on your horse, nothing else is gonna be good on your horse. Any problem with have with a horse, comes back to our foundation training. That’s why it’s so important to build a strong foundation in our horse. (Chris) That is great. And I think if you want to learn more about Lee Hart and Cowboy Logic, I got a website to go to leeharttraining.com. (Lee) leeharttraining.com. You can look us up on Facebook and just send me a message. If you even have a question, send the question and I’ll answer your message. (Chris) That’s great. Well thank you Lee Hart for today. (Lee) Thanks for having me. Absolutely. (Chris) That’s wonderful information, everybody can learn a lot from Lee Hart. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins with Horsin’ Around and we’ll see you around.

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