Horsing Around – Lisa Johnson

(Conrad) Recently AG am in Kansas traveled to western Kansas to get the
heck into Dodge. We attended the 3i Show and caught up with horse trainer
Lisa Johnson. (Lisa) I’m Lisa Johnson, we’re at the 3i Show in Dodge CIty,
Kansas, at the Western State Bank Expo. And we’re here on Friday doing
clinics. We’re doing three sessions of clinics today just helping these
gals get a better handle on their horses, improve the relationship they
have with their horse, and gain better knowledge. (Conrad) Lisa is very
accomplished in the horse community. She is now a wife of 16 years and has
four children. They make up the Dazzle Family Farm and together they farm
in central Kansas. (Lisa) I have been horse crazy since I was little, I
didn’t play with Barbie dolls like my sisters, I played with plastic
horses. Definitely got the horse gene from my Dad. My Dad to this day,
still farms with horses. He farms about 80 acres with two Belgium mares. So
definitely my horse gene came from my father. I really, actually didn’t
have horses in my life, until I had been married about ten years, and then
I somehow conned my husband into buying a horse for my daughter for
Christmas. And we went from one to about five in about three months. And we
just enjoy the horses, we trail rode and the kids got started, got involved
in 4H and that kind of thing. Then I saw reigning, the sport of reigning
and just fell in love. You know that is a very difficult sport, it’s at a
high rate of speed but the degree of horsemanship is just really high. And
so I got started in the reigning and bought a couple of show horses and
started hauling to NRHA horse shows. You know, had a lot of success right
off the bat. And you know, since then I’ve… my life’s kind of changed. We
have four kids, I’ve got a daughter in college. So, showing horse isn’t
quite as important as it used to be. But Reigns Free Renewal came about
simply because I was a woman in my…I was about 35 and really just looking
for a place to put my skills together. And I just felt like God opened that
door for me. There’s a lot of women that are attracted to horses for very
emotional reasons and they make really emotional decisions when it comes to
their horses and somehow I really can’t even tell you how, I just kind of
got involved with that. And helping those women think a little bit more
logically and make better decisions for themselves and their horses. And it
just kind of… it just built. And year after year, it’s continued to grow.
We’re in our fifth year this year. And been traveling across the U.S. doing
clinics primarily for women. I do have men come ride with me. But primarily
it’s women. You know, I strive to work with those women and help them have
better horsemanship skills, have a better relationship with their horse,
and make a little bit more logical decisions, probably than emotional.
(Conrad) Lisa hosts a riding academy. Join Lisa Johnson weekly, biweekly or
monthly for a private or small group lessons. Lessons are available during
the day, after school or on Saturday. And if you don’t have a horse, lesson
horses are available. Children need to be seven years of age to ride and
children ages five and six years can participate on the ground. (Lisa) So,
in order to contact me you can definitely find me on Facebook, just search
Reins for Renewal. Follow on my Facebook page, but I post a lot of updates,
clinic information and inspirational things on Facebook. I also have a
website www.reinsforrenewal.com. And there’s also clinic information, get
away information and all that on there. I’ve got an email address-
reinsforrenewal@gmail.com Or you can call me 620-804- 0718. Hold for 3i

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