Horsing Around – Patti Stadler

(Dr. Blevins) Hello and welcome to Horsing Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins here at EquiFest of Kansas and joined by the Director of the Kansas Horse Council, Patty Stalder, so thank you for joining me. (Female) I’m glad to be here. (Dr. Blevins) This is a great event here in Kansas every year in February and I guess what are some exciting things going on here at EquiFest? (Female) Everything’s exciting. It’s a blast. We have nationally recognized and internationally recognized commissions. We have a Silent Auction that raises money for the Horse Council Foundation. We have pony rides. We have all different kinds of breed showcases like stallions. We have jumping competitions, driving competitions, anything that has to do with horses. We have horse soccer and horse polo. (Dr. Blevins) And a lot of vendors to buy anything for horses or horse enthusiasts. (Female) About a hundred and forty vendors, yes, lots of shopping, great shopping. (Dr. Blevins) And I think, you know, the Kansas Horse Council is just really rolling with a lot of things to represent the horses and the horse community and businesses throughout the state. What are some things that kind of currently the Kansas Horse Council is working on? (Female) Right. You know, of course, we’ve been busy for twenty-two years now. The Horse Council was established twenty-two years ago, which is wonderful. Our most recent project is to create an equine specialty license plate, so anybody that would like to have a horse license plate on their cars, trucks and trailers will be able to. It’s in the process. It’s in the works. It’s not finished yet, but that’s what we’re really focusing on this year, along with our regular Trail Rides educational seminar next fall and just the regular day-to-day Horse Council business. (Dr. Blevins) And those license plates, like you said, go on trailers or on your vehicles. They’re personalized and have a horse on the license plate. (Female) We have a horse. They have a beautiful Kansas sunset and then a running horse and was created by a Kansas artist from Kansas City, John Keeling and it’s beautiful and we can’t wait to see it going down the highway. (Dr. Blevins) That is great and I think that is something that maybe people don’t realize everything that’s going on with the Kansas Horse Council. What website, Facebook, ways people can get in contact? (Female) Right. Horse Council is a member driven organization. We’re member based and we have about twenty-five hundred members. You can go to www.kansashorsecouncil.com or if you’re on Facebook, you can go to the Kansas Horse Council Facebook page. You can join online. You can contact the Horse Council office and all that information is on our website. We’d love to have every horse owner in Kansas be a part of the Horse Council. We’re one of the leading Horse Councils in the United States. (Dr. Blevins) That’s true and, you know, I mean to be on the board too and I really enjoy everything that I’ve got to learn and find how just passionate the people are in Kansas about horses and I think that if anybody is passionate about horses, come and join the Kansas Council. You’ll learn a lot, get a lot of information out it and be
part of a great organization that’s growing. (Female) And not only that, just to support the equine industry, join by supporting the equine industry. Horse Council was formed to bring together all the different breeds and disciplines and just to represent and promote the growth and support the future of the horse industry in our state. (Dr. Blevins) Well thank you, Patti for everything. (Female) Yeah, thanks for having me. (Dr. Blevins) We’ll see you around.

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