Horsing Around – Rusty Rierson

Hello friends, I’m Ernie Rodina. And Dawn Dawson with Ag AM in Kansas Horsing Around segment. (Ernie) And here we are Dawn with the unbelievable Rusty Rierson, part of our road show (Dawn) Yes he is. And I think the folks are going to really enjoy this. (Dawn) I think you will. (Rusty) Here’s something brand new. I want to try it for you…LIVE SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG SONG  (Ernie) If you like that, you can vote. Text it in… BR549. (Ernie) Just joking folks. (Dawn) Great job, that’s a new song Rusty. (Rusty) It is new. A friend from Wichita wrote that and I am going to the credit for co-writing on that one. (Ernie) Folks, what an asset the state of Kansas has in Rusty Rierson. He’s been part of the Better Horses Radio Road Show. And you are for hire? You know we want let folks know what you do out there singing and everything. (Rusty) rustyrierson.com and it’s just R-I-E-R-S-O-N. (Dawn) And they can get all your music off of there. (Rusty) Yes, and I figured out…I got excited in fact because we take credit cards now. I got so excited last week, that I bought my own CD. (Ernie) So good, that’s great. Well you know, you’ve been a part of Dawn and ours show and everything else and you’ve got your own show, Rusty Radio, and it’s expanded. (Rusty) Been going a couple years now and that’s with a network there in Wichita. And it’s really been awesome to learn about radio and kind of follow in the great Ernie Rodina’s footsteps. (Ernie) Well, and Dawn and you might touch on for folks, as far, you’re part of our road show. And we’re all about horses and taking the horse experience to a higher level. But why don’t you tell us a little bit how you bring it to another level. We bring it to another level. (Rusty) Well, I think that it’s definitely a word you use a lot and that’s educate. You want ’em… people to come by and listen to the show, and listen to your radio show to go away with something new that they didn’t know yet and have some fun too. So, I think that’s part of what I try to bring is some music and some entertainment to it. It’s like we always say we’re going to go out on the road and start our own band (Ernie) That’s right. (Dawn)What band are you guys going to start? (Rusty) Well, you’ve heard of the old rock band AC/DC? (Dawn) Yeah. (Rusty) We’re going to be ADHD. (Ernie) ADHD. (Dawn) That could work. (Ernie) I tell you folks, if you want a great event… have a great event, I would strongly urge you get a hold of this young man. He’s not only a great singer, but you’re ten times a greater young man and you’re a tremendous asset to this. We really appreciate your being part of our show. (Dawn) We do Rusty. And we’re really proud of all your accomplishments. (Ernie) And folks stay tuned again for Ag AM in Kansas Horsin’ Around. I’m Ernie Rodina. (Dawn) And I’m Dawn Dawson with the Better Horses Radio Show, right here on Ag AM in Kansas.

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