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Hello friends I’m Ernie Rodina, welcome to AG am in Kansas. And we’re here for the Horsing Around segment here at the KRHA Reining Capital City Classic. Having a great time here in Topeka. I am here with one of my favorite friends here, Kevin Hebenstriet with Transwest Trailers. Kevin welcome to the AG am in Kansas and great to have you here at this Reining. (Kevin) Appreciate it very much. Thank you Ernie. (Ernie) We are talking about Transwest Trailers, Transwest .com and you just moved basically to eastern Kansas, not too awful long ago and you’ve got a new location now. Let’s talk about your new location and what you have to offer out there. (Kevin) Perfect. We are located in Belton, Missouri, right off of Highway 58 and Highway 71. We have a full line of horse trailer department, we do RV, the large coaches, we also have a used truck department. We have an 11 bay service department as well as a full line of parts department. (Ernie) Well, what’s neat about Transwest, folks you guys looking for trailers, trucks, whatever, they are the Disneyland of the transportation. And just to have you here is really a plus and you know what a lot of folks are in the same boat I was, a trailer is a trailer, but that’s not the case. Let’s talk about a couple brands, or one in specific, and that’s Cimarron (Kevin) Correct. Cimarron trailers as far as I’m concerned is one of the upper echelon of trailers. A couple of things kind of sets them apart. First off, I think their roof system is second to none in the industry. They do a half inch fiberglass roof, it’s honeycomb reinforced. It has a rating of an R30.
So if it’s a hundred degrees out, that trailer is going to be 20 degrees cooler than your typical aluminum trailer, with an aluminum roof. (Ernie) Same goes in the cold weather, it’s going to be warmer. (Kevin) It’s going to be warmer as well. It’s going to keep the body heat of the horses. It’s going to keep the temperature more even when you’re going traveling night and day, in the heat and cold. It’s going to be more even for the horses. (Ernie) Our viewers all across the area want to know, OK, Transwest Trailers it’s a great facility and everything from that standpoint, but you deal with folks all across the country. You’ve got two outlets, one in Commerce, Colorado, and then you’ve got the one in, Missouri. (Kevin) Actually we have three locations now, we have one in Fredrick, Colorado, which is the home office, that’s where we started out at. We have our store in Belton, Missouri. As well as we have a store in Grand Junction. We sell trailers anywhere from South Dakota, Texas. We go as far west as California and I have sold trailers to people in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. So yes, we are a nationwide supplier. (Ernie) Well, why we’re so happy to have you on AG am in Kansas, is that you’re at the top of the pinnacle, as far as when it comes to trailers, comes to service and things from that standpoint. You guys are great. You are involved in the industry, the equine industry all across here whether is be English events or whether it be Western events, you’re there. We really appreciate it. (Kevin) Thank you very much. (Ernie) Well, I tell you what, we hope that you come back and be
a guest again on AG am in Kansas and folks, we appreciate you coming out and joining us and also don’t forget to check out our radio show. Our radio show Better Horses Radio, go to betterhorsesradio.com. Til next week it’s Ernie Rodina with AG am in Kansas. (Kevin) Thank you.

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