How to Modify a Fast Applicator

(Dustin) My name is Dustin Conrad. I work for a farmer out here in Solomon, Kansas, and this year we decided to modify our 8013N Fast Applicator that we bought last winter. We decided to use it not just for side dressing row crops, we are deciding to use it to top dress our wheat with the theory of it helping getting into the soil and staying better in the ground, less evaporation, things like that. So, I came up with an idea one day to built this little bracket design right here and “Y” off the feed lines for the injectors and put it on 15 inch centers. So, that way we have one coulter in the ground, one shooting above the ground, maybe possibly get a little bit different nitrogen use at different times of the year. Primarily we did it so we can utilize this machine instead of paying a local fertilizer company or using our big sprayer that would cause a lot of corrosion and such. And because this is already using fertilizer we decided to put the wear and tear all on one machine. For the design of this add-on we’ll call it, I just took some angle iron and cut them 15 inches long, made a bracket, bolted them on and took some “U” bolts, cut some holes in it, took a small piece of stainless pipe with an injector that we all bought, all the stainless parts and hoses and such we bought from Fast and bolted them on there. We put a shut off valve in there so we can still side dress with the machine later. It just uses the very actor flow nozzle bodies, so that way it’s getting a central feed to both of those, which then they use check valves to equalize the pressure between the injectors. On this machine, it’s set up on 30 inch rows to side dress behind row crop. It’s set up on 15’s with this add-on because we think 30 inches is just too wide for top dressing wheat, so we decided that 15’s is a good equal number. It’s kind of a baseline, I guess for row spacings. It worked for a lot of reasons, building construction of the add-ons, things like that. Myself and my boss are both dealers out here in central Kansas for Fast, which they’re located out of Mountain Lake, Minnesota. I am originally from Illinois, that’s where I was born and raised. They’re kind of prevalent there. And that’s how I know about those guys. It’s something that I brought with me when I moved out here. And it’s something, I worked for them for about a year, assembling them. I think they make a great product. They use a great powder coat paint. They have a real classy looking design. They’re simple. They’re unique. As their slogan says, they’re built by farmers for farmers. If anybody would ever have any questions or the desire to purchase one of these, myself I’m a dealer. You can feel free to call me anytime at 785-202-2309. If you want to talk about the Fast products, I sell everything from pull type sprayers to applicators, track tanks, smaller machines, boom mounted sprayers, boom mounted, three point mounted, excuse me, applicator bar. If anybody would ever be interested in my little design of modifying this unit or another unit to top dress wheat if you’re interested in it, please feel free to call me at any time. If you like you may send me an email at

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