Ignacio Ciampitt – Sorghum Update

(Ignacio) OK, now we are also again at the north farm. We are standing in a sorghum field. These fields particularly different what we are seeing around the state and one of the main thing that we are seeing around the state is, sorghum at this point is already headed. We already went through pollination and we are 50 percent by September 9 and we will be probably even more advanced of coloring. So we will see that the sorghum is also getting close and one of the main factors that we will be defining from now until the end of the harvesting time will be the seed weight. In this situation what we are seeing is some sorghum that was affected by heat and a combination… maybe some small drought that was a placed around flowering. So, how we are going to identify these, you will see inside of the sorghum plants when you take a look to the heads, we are seeing that all the flowers are still there, but we are not seeing any grain. We have
some abortion and the abortion was kind of just going through the bottom part and the upper part of all the heads. And then the other factor, how we can identify some of the abortion is you get to see some of the green heads. So some of the green heads are the heads that are coming from the tillers. They are not coming from the main shoot, but they are coming from tillers. They develop it after the main shoot. So, this heads basically they are still immature as we can see. And some of these ones they are still right now this moment, they are pollinating so we are seeing some pollen, we are seeing some anthers. The anthers are just hanging in the head. So all these heads, I mean the green ones are heads, as I mentioned before, they are immature, they are coming late. And in this situation even when we are seeing that we can increase yields, due to these heads that are coming after. It’s also we’d be promoting some issues at harvest because we’ll have some heads that will be fully mature. We’ll have some more heads that will probably need a couple weeks more until the time of harvesting. So, that is just one of the conditions that we are seeing. In some
sections, I mean when we are being affected by drought or by heat in this situation, we are seeing that some of the heads, they are coming a little bit late, and that’s one of the main issues that we seeing. And some sections around the state, some of the sorghum that was impacted by heat we are not seeing that much of a problem in terms of in general. So, the sorghum crop around the state is looking really good. All the rains that we are seeing the last coming days is basically just promoting that we have more leaf area. We have more greenness and that is also just increasing the seed weight. So, in most of the factors we are seeing very good looking sorghum, the nice size of the heads, so really so much abortion as we are
presenting here, but yes, we are seeing some impact. I mean in some situations, some sections of the head with some abortion. So for this year, the perspective of sorghum production around the state will be probably very good. And the only thing that we need to from now on to harvest is just to make sure to go out, scout your fields, and take a look to the situations. We are seeing some insects, some head borer impacting some of the sorghum heads. So that’s the only way really to make sure we can protect our yields is just to go out and scout your fields.

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