Ignacio Ciampitti with 2016 Corn Growing Season Update

(Ignacio Ciampitti) Good morning. My name is Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti, I’m a Cropping System Specialist at K-State, Department of Agronomy, and today we are in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University, Manhattan, in the main campus just to discuss briefly what the corn growing season was leaving behind us and just to get some quick few points about what is coming next and what other activities are we planning for winter. In terms of 2016, and growing season 2016 was a very different year. On corn, we start very wet in many locations, plants were facing challenges of lack of uniformity, and in so many cases that lack of uniformity was causing some yield rate actions. But after that rough patch, early season, when we were trying to get that corn in the ground, I would say that corn was really running smoothly, many of the areas of the state. We have in fact some areas that we have received very good rain, even very favorable rain. In some specific areas we have received maybe way too much rain, and we have some flooding problems. Again, in those situations, in some specific areas flooding was producing some root problems, so since those roots were not able to really grow and there was roots were constraining to a specific small section in the soil, so those plants early and late season were showing some symptoms of that flooding situation like problems in drought and standability. Except for those specific scenarios and when we were going back to pollination time, pollination was very good conditions except for few scenarios we have some specific areas that the ear size was not large as expected, which primarily might be related to situations that happened around June, when we were facing high temperatures on the first two weeks. Then, approaching the end of the grain filling and then getting to harvest, we were facing again harvest time challenges on wet conditions and situations that were in some points slowing down harvest process. But when we were looking around and reviewing the entire 2016 growing season, we have very favorable conditions in terms of weather, we have temperatures that were favorable for grain filling, and then overall I think we have very good yield productivity on the corn. When you are looking about different locations, we would probably be at least average or in so many areas we’ll see even corn yields get into high records. This is very brief summary of the corn conditions for Kansas in 2016. Stay with us for the next block.

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