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(Ignacio) So we are here at the Kansas State Agronomy Department. Some of the people are asking at this moment, what is a Crop Planning Extension Specialist doing around Christmas time and January and February? So we are planning to be extemely busy in the next coming weeks. And one of the things that I would like to emphasize and bring to your attention is about the Corn Schools. These is our very first year, so for the very first time we will have Kansas State University and Kansas Corn Commission, both, we are coming together and we’ve prepared kind of a program with the idea and the goal of trying to provide some kind of very timely and updated information on the new corn production management topics. So the main question is why do we need to have Corn Schools? And the answer for that is when you take a look at the last almost 10-15 years, the number of acres that we have in corn in Kansas has really increased. And we have continuously people asking questions about corn production factors and we are seeing more and more farmers that are really experiencing corn as a new crop in some dry land areas. So, we believe that this is probably something and a very kind of a good time so the schools really focus on very specific topics. And then we are featuring four speakers. We have one topic, specifically on drought prevention corn and trying to really explore what are the real benefits? We will try also to go to some of the yield limiting factors for corn. The second topic will be on the weed control and what are the newest strategies on corn for weed control. Third topic will be just more related to nutrient management. OK, what are the most important nutrients that we really consider when we are producing corn? And then the last topic and one of the most attractive ones also, is we will be talking a little bit more about the price for the next year. So the future and the markets for corn for the next year. The schools will have an agenda that will probably start at 9 a.m. in the morning and that’s the first presentation. And we will try to end the schools around 2 p.m. So all the schools at least this year we are featuring two locations around the state. The first one is in the center of Kansas, is the Corn School that will be on January 9th. And it is at Hesston and basically we are having that school at the AGCO Facility. So what is the goal of having the school at the AGCO Facility is to provide to farmers also, a sense of relationship, how the university and industry are working and coming together to really produce something and get some information to farmers and crop consultants. So, one of the unique features of the school is that after we finish at 2 p.m. and all the presentations, we will have a very short tour around the company. Very similar program we will have in our second and last Corn School that will be located in Atchison. And this is covering the northeast area of Kansas. And the school will start with the same agenda. We will start at 9 a.m. in the morning and we will finish at 2 p.m. In that situation we will also have a very short tour after we finish at the MGP. So, if you have a chance to really visit our website or just give us a phone call and we have all the contact information. So now we E-Update Magazine, if you know how to reach our E-Update Magazine you can go to KSU.edu and that’s section you will go to the Agronomy Department and inside of the Agronomy Department you will see a tab that is called E-Updates. And if you search on the last three updates that we have from December you will find all the information that you need to contact and to register for the schools. If you know how to do it, you can just contact your extension local office. I mean everyone around that state knows about the school so they will be registering people in different places, so make sure just to register for the schools before January 5th for the Hesston location that is on January 9th. And then on the 9th for the location that will be in Atchison that will be January 16th.

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