Importance of Fetal Programming

(Jena McRell) Just as raising a child “takes a village,” the same can be said about raising healthy, profitable calves that bring the highest returns…and it all starts at the beginning. (Hilton) The newest research says fetal programming, developmental programming, epigenetics, whatever we want to call that, the nutrition of the dam when that calf’s in utero starts the clock. (Jena) That’s where the “dream team” comes into play, to ensure when a calf is born it can get up and get a full belly of colostrum as quickly as possible. (Hilton) So, when I talk to producers, I tell them to get with a nutritionist, get with your veterinarian, have a nutrition plan, have a health plan. (Jena) Today, it’s easier to access specialists in each field, so farmers and ranchers have a great depth of information to draw from. (Hilton) I think every producer needs to have that dream team, and I’m a veterinarian so I want to be on that team. But I also need a nutritionist. I need somebody that understands nutrition so that he can help my producer produce calves for the best average daily gain and cost of gain, more importantly on those calves. I’ve even lined up people with marketing folks to help sell those calves at a better price and I don’t know those things. I don’t know about marketing. (Jena) Hilton says the most successful cow-calf operators rely on their team to help them make well-rounded decisions. I’m Jena McRell.

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