Improvement in Cattle Genetics is More of a Journey than a Goal

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor. See why improvement is more of a journey than a goal for this cattle producer.
(Bob) Improvement is more of a journey than a goal. Farmers and ranchers just aim for a tomorrow far better than yesterday. Genetics are the key to that for Florida rancher Ken Griner. He looks at report cards from the feedyard to see how well he’s raising cattle to meet consumer beef demand. (Griner) As far as I’m concerned, that’s when we got our education in the cow business, feeding cattle is when you really learn about the cow business, and what you’re doing, and what you’re accomplishing, and why your cattle sell for five cents a pound more, or five cents a pound less. (Bob) Keeping up with data takes time, as much as some seedstock operators spend on records, he says. But it opens a door to what are otherwise missed opportunities. (Griner) Not only from a knowledge standpoint, but from a dollar return standpoint. A lot of people spend so much money chasing good genetics, but, unless you feed those cattle, a lot of times you’re not going to get the return that you should. (Bob) For those on the fence, Griner says take the leap and see what you started. He’s seen the benefits and applied the knowledge for more than a decade. (Griner) It goes from wondering about some things that you’ve wondered about all your life, to an understanding of them, and I’m thinking is one of the best things that we’ve ever done. (Bob) I’m Bob Cervera.
(Jamie) After the break its time for today’s Plain Talk with Kyle and Duane Toews.

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