International Harvester Collectors

(Bill) My name is Bill Conley. We’re with International Harvester Club, Chapter Three of Kansas. We was 22 years old back in 1992. We have two members that started this show and they’re still members. I’m Vice President of this year, elected for this organization. We have 233 members throughout Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and Oklahoma that have joined our club and we’ve all got things in common, most of it’s International tractors. They’re all restored. Everybody’s pretty well restored their own tractors. I was parts manager for International Harvester Company for 15 years. I retired from there in 1986 and I farm. And I’ve collected memorabilia. I’ve had a good collection of memorabilia, little pedal tractors that I’ve restored and I’ve also got tractors in my shed that I’ve restored, and still working on some. It’s a wonderful club. Everybody enjoys coming to our meetings and looking at all of our tractors. We go to the Topeka Farm Show. We go to the Wichita Farm Show and we’ve been invited here the last three or four years to come out here to Great Bend. Everybody just loves coming to look at our restored tractors. They all reminisce over ’em because they remember driving them on their farm for their Grandpa or their Dads and just really enjoy looking at ’em. International Harvester made a lot of things over the years. We’ve got two cream separators on display up here. They made refrigerators and freezers, window air conditioners years ago. I can remember selling parts for the refrigerators when I was in the business. And a lot of them are still running to this day. They was built that good. And we have quarter meetings four times a year, every quarter. Everybody… at different places. Everybody volunteers to put on our meeting. We usually have a meal and then our meetings and stuff. If you’re interested in learning about our International Chapter Three of Kansas. We’ve got a website. It’s www. And you can get on there and there’s information on there about our club.

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