Introduce Your Horse to a Feedbag

(Geff) Hi folks, I’m Geff Dawson, ranch cowboy, entertainer and just a general horse lover. Do you have one of those horses that’s always banging around on their bucket or swooping the grain out of their feeder in the stall? Well, I have one of those horses and I’ve come up with a little tip and solution for that. I like my horses to eat out of a feedbag. And it’s easy and it allows them to eat off the ground like they want to eat naturally. Now once you introduce your horse to the feedbag and he knows his feed is in there, simply slide the bag up over his head and your horse can eat out of the feedbag like he eats on the ground. Notice that they naturally drop their head to the ground and eat the feed out of the bag. Now this feedbag has air holes in it where they can breathe and everything is just natural like the horse likes it. Thank you folks.

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