Irrigation Systems with Dr. John Aquilar

(Dr. Jonathan Aquilar) Hey, my name is Jonathan Aquilar and I’m an extension research engineer out here in Garden City and I’m happy to be able to address all of the people, all of the farmers’ issues regarding water irrigation systems and the ways that you can properly increase the efficiency in terms of water use. So some of the issues that are going on right here that we are trying to test the technologies, particularly the application mode, just like the mobile drip irrigation, and also some of the sensors, like the soil moisture sensors. We’re trying to make sure that if the farmers are using them in the field, they know what to do, they know what to expect, and they know what’s the level of confidence that they could put into this equipment or technology. We would like to be able to make those recommendations based on our research on the plots and at the same time, particularly with this water technology farm, we would also like to make sure that it’s working also in the farmers’ field. As I have alluded a while ago, farmers are asking questions and these questions are practical questions that they’re doing in their field. We might not have all the answers but we’re willing to be able to answer those questions based on sound research. So with those types of producer’s research questions, we try to reach out with other partners particularly both in private and public sector and try to see where we could probably mend some of this gaps between the questions and the answers and try to figure out where the public and private partnership could also help. So we’re excited that we have all these water technology farms, all of them are in their first years and we’re excited to see what is going to happen in a year or three years from now and see if they’re really working in the farmers’ field. Of course research have shown that they have their advantages, but as we go out in the field, there will be some challenges that we have to come up. We’re looking forward to work with more farmers out here and try to just see which one would work best in their particular scenario and particular field. Not all of them would fit in most of their particular needs but hopefully we could answer some of them to fit what they really need in their farm. So if they have any questions they could call us in our office at 620-275-9164 or visit us at our station 4500 East Mary Street, Garden City, or they could get hold of me through the email, which is

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