Issues with EPA about Atrazine

(Sam Capoun) Welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m your guest host, Sam Capoun, and today I’m here with Jesse McCurry. Jesse, it’s my understanding that we’re having some issues with the EPA and atrazine. Tell us a little about that. (Jesse McCurry) Yet again our favorite federal agency, the EPA, has come out at a time when most farmers are farming for a living, asking corn and sorghum farmers to make comment on a very scary issue, and that is the prospect of having a de facto ban on atrazine, a chemical that is ubiquitous in crop agriculture. (Sam Capoun) What is this going to do to the farmers? (Jesse McCurry) The concern is that essentially what the administration wants to do is to try to take away a proven crop chemical. This is just a step in that process. There’ll be more steps to come but the urgency around this is that once you list the first part of June, a comment period for sixty days, farmers have sixty days from first of June to the first part of August to get comments in, and you know, our social media opponents and anybody that’s anti-agriculture is putting in comments about how bad atrazine is, and I would just ask listeners to consider what it would be like farming without atrazine and if it concerns you, we need your help getting comments in the federal register. (Sam Capoun) What are some ways that they can go in and help the fight? (Jesse McCurry) The good news is that the Triazine Network has been active for years, and I know many of your watchers and listeners will remember, Jere White’s been a tremendous leader for Kansas agriculture and has been active in this. Greg Krissek and Tim Lust, and others behind the scenes, trying to be prepared for this issue. This is one where corn growers and sorghum growers and the state and federal organizations for growers and the Farm Bureau are very active and engaged because it affects all of us, and there’s websites to go to. One of the easiest ones would be our website which is You can go to your Kansas Farm Bureau’s website, Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association and the corn growers. Look on social media but again the easiest form to go to would be (Sam Capoun) Whatever organization you’re with, it doesn’t matter. Make sure you just go and comment, and help with the fight for atrazine against the EPA.

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