Jake Strecker with INA Alert, Inc

(Jamie) Welcome to Farm Factor! Let’s join Kyle and Jake Strecker at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo to discuss the applications for surveillance on your operation.
(Kyle) Hi, this is Kyle Bauer from Great Band. I’m visiting with Jake Strecker. Jake has a company that specializes in cameras for security in the rural plains or rural America, really. Jake, tell us about all the different places that cameras can be used because, I’ll be honest with you, most of them I hadn’t thought of. (Jake) Thanks Kyle. Yes, a lot of times customers will come to us with a specific need or what they think they want to see in their camera and so we’re really able to help several different markets, whether it be the feedlots, the sale barns, coops, seed dealers and just farmers and ranchers in general. Everyone has their own need for camera and surveillance equipment, it’s just a matter of knowing that it’s out there and knowing that there’s someone there to help them. (Kyle) We all have that remote location is what I wish I had somebody there just kind of watch things. This really allows you to do that for a fraction of what labor would cost to watch a place. (Jake) Absolutely, it’s an investment into a system that allows you to have eyes on a site 24/7, even if it is a site that you think, Oh man, that’s too far away, it’s 22 miles from my house. There are options that cover that and we’re able to provide them and a lot of people in our industry are able to provide those services. (Kyle) You know one that never occurred to me is that way in a lot small communities that police forces maybe don’t have quite as much money to man them all day long, all night long, and you’ve even done work with them? (Jake) Absolutely. There is a shrinking size to a lot of the small towns and having a full-time police force is kind of a struggle and so they get a local sheriff to come through town once, twice a month or a week or at night, whatever may be, we were able to help man them by putting cameras on their main street or on their buildings that they want to keep an eye on to see who’s coming in and out of town at different hours of night. (Kyle) And the nice thing too is you don’t have to have someone there constantly watching the video screen, it’s recorded and until you have problem, then you can go look. (Jake) You know it’s that thing where you leave for the weekend, going on a date or a trip with your wife and go see the grandkids, come back, there is tire tracks on your drive, the hose to the gas tanks on the ground, you wonder what happened, why am I missing fuel? Why are there random tracks? Well, this gives you opportunity, go back, look at that and get an idea of who came in the driveway, who came to your fuel and kind of helped themselves to your property. (Kyle) Sometimes it’s nice to just know that nobody did as well. (Jake) Yes, it is that sense of security. Just being able to check back when you’re on the road or away from home through your cell phone or any internet capable device, you’ll be able to see if someone is on your property. If you’re expecting a package from UPS, just knowing and being able to go back and say, Hey, he actually delivered the package at the time he said he was going to be there. (Kyle) Well, and the verification whether you’re at sale barns or grain facility knowing, you can actually literally be open 24 hours a day without having to have people there 24 hours a day. (Jake) Correct, it’s just that it’s that overwhelming security that you always have eyes on your location. (Kyle) I appreciate it Jake. Jake again works with INA Security in Ellinwood. This is Kyle Bauer reporting from Great Band.
(Jamie) Folks, stay with us after the break – Duane will be back with Levi Ebert with the Ebert Ranch.

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