Jamelynn Farney – Ionophores

(Jamelynn) Hello again, it’s Jamelynn Farney, southeast area Beef Systems Specialist with Kansas State University. One of the interesting things that comes from our Winter Ranch Management Meetings is the open forum session where we get
some interesting questions from your producers. One question that I want to highlight is the use of ionophores in replacement heifers and your cow operation. That, specifically bionophorsamine, Rumensin and Bovatec. Rumensin, the drug name for Rumensin is called Monensin, whereas lasalocid is the drug name for Bovatec. The trade names are Rumensin and Bovatec. Now both of those ionophores have been proven to increase feed efficiency by ten percent. By that I mean you can feed your cows ten percent hay and maintain the same amount of body condition score. As well, in your heifers when you feed them an ionophore, you increase your conception rates. Ionophores, like I said, increase efficiency by ten percent for only about a two cent a head a day cost. That is a tremendous return on investment. Now, the one downside to your ionophores, they are great for your ruminant species, not so much for your horses though. Ionophores are tremendously toxic for your horses. And such, you need to make sure if you are to feed rumensin to your cattle and you have horses around, keep your feed separate. Ideally, if you can keep them in separate barns, that way you don’t accidentally get from the wrong bag. I know I do every once and a while. So, if you wanna…ionophores are great to feed to cattle, increase gains, increased feed efficiency increase your bottom line. As well, they are potentially toxic for horses, so make sure to keep them separate from other types of feeds. One thing to identify with your ionophores according to label use, Rumensin or your Monensin, is the only approved ionophore for use in lactating, mature cows. Therefore, make sure you follow label directions and feed the appropriate dosage in the appropriate concentrations in the appropriate types of feeds according to manufacturers directions. Once again, Rumensin is the only approved ionophore for cows. However, for your growing replacement heifers and stockers you can feed
both Rumensin or Bovatec according to label directions.

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