Jaret Moyer – KLA

(Jaret) Good morning, this is Jaret Moyer and I’m currently serving as
President of the Kansas Livestock Association. And I’m talking to you from
one of our three Field Days which KLA and Kansas State co-sponsor. And
we’re really excited about these and they’ve been a standard in our events
that we put on each year. In fact I believe they were saying this is the
38th such meeting that KLA and Kansas State have put together. If you
weren’t able to make the ones this year, I just really encourage you to
watch your calendars next August in the mail and we’d be glad to have you,
cause it’s a great time to get together with cattlemen here in Kansas. You
asked me about some of the exciting things that this year we’ve been able
to do, or I’ve had the opportunity to do as the President of the Kansas
Livestock Association. And there’s been a lot. Of course, being able to
attend part of the county meetings in our state as well as making the trip
to Washington, D.C. I had the opportunity to testify to the Senate on the
Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling and some changes we’re trying to make
there. Of course our largest customers, Canada and Mexico, for our beef
are asking to probably do some retaliatory tariffs if we can’t get that
changed. Along with that, another great opportunity, I got to go this
spring was to go with a group the Agricultural Coalition for Cuba to go
visit in that country and see what opportunities lie for our industry as
well as agriculture in general. And so that was an exciting time to see
with the changes currently going on there. But again, it was good to see
and good to know that they’re a close-by customer that we’re gonna be able
to compete with Europe hopefully later this year selling our beef,
especially into the hotel trade there. As far as our other opportunities,
of course our legislative meetings and active role that KLA plays in our
legislature, representing cattlemen across Kansas. That was a challenge
this year. Of course, a lot of the issues were budget, especially property
taxes as well as other tax issues that our folks representing you and I
did a tremendous job communicating our needs and our concerns to the State
legislature. Another opportunity, sure want to invite folks in our
membership, is that our convention will be coming up the first week of
December this year as it always is. And just would really like to invite
and welcome anybody to join KLA and be a part of us there at that
convention that week.

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