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(Jeff) I’m Jeff Grossenbacher, Vice-President of Kansas Farm Bureau wrapping up this year’s resolution process with our delegate body. One of the main issues we discussed at length was the Water Transfer Act in Kansas. Our delegates asked us to look at it more in depth to make sure it’s going to be fairly applied across the state. The second issue that we’ll be looking more in depth this next year is we have a special task force on K-12 education in Kansas and they’re to bring their recommendations to the resolutions committee this summer, and then we’ll be working on that policy for the delegate body next December. Also, the delegates reaffirmed to make permanent a technology committee that had a sunset on it. So that committee will continue to function and bring the new issues as they pop up in technology, such as UAV’s, Big Data, etc. It’s very important that we preserve our grassroots effort, that every member out in the counties has a chance to participate in our process of bringing ideas and policy forward through our listening posts and our county boards. And then our 400+ delegates come to this convention to vote on those policies as has been recommended by our resolutions committee through that process of moving those ideas forward. And that’s what makes our organization strong, is each individual member has a chance to participate in our policy process. If somebody’s wanting to get involved in Kansas Farm Bureau, I urge you to go to your local county office and you can become a member of your county first. And then there are county boards and county committees that you can become involved in. Go to your county office first because that’s the place to start because I’m sure they’re looking for members that want to become active.

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