Jeff Sternberger – Outgoing President KLA

(Conrad) Good morning and welcome to Farm Factor on AGam in Kansas. I’m your host Conrad Kabus. The Annual KLA Convention was held December 3rd through the 5th in Wichita, Kansas. Take a look. Farmers and ranchers from all across Kansas gathered in early December to attend the Annual Kansas Livestock Association Convention, where topics included nutrition, saturated fats, cattle markets and retail sales. Jeff Sternberger is the President and Manager of Midwest Feeds in Ingalls and the KLA. His list of industry leadership included serving on the KLA Executive Committee, KLA Board of Directors and is Chairman of the KLA Cattle Feeders Council. Sternberger was co-chair of the special KLA task force appointed in 2010 to consider changes that would deliver more value to members. He currently serves to the National Cattleman’s Beef Association NCBA, Board of Directors and on the NCBA Live Cattle Marketing Committee. (Jeff) Well as President of the Kansas Livestock Association this last year, the cattle industry enjoyed record profits and record prices, not only for the cattle feeding sector which I participate in, but also all the way down to the cow/calf sector. This level of profitability has given the industry a lot of enthusiasm. We’ve also seen some relief in the drought, which has allowed us to see the herd expansion begin this year, which we’ve all been waiting for for several years. (Conrad) In 2014 the United States exported nearly 5.6 billion pounds to hungry customers around the world. Our top exports went to Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Hong Kong. And with Kansas being the third largest in terms of sales of beef, it’s no wonder the industry is so vast in our state. And KLA believes that the industry will grow along with agriculture advocacy. (Jeff) We had several issues this year in the state, nothing really huge. Probably the biggest thing we saw was the reelection effort of Governor Sam Brownback and Senator Pat Roberts. We participated as we heavily supported these two candidates. They’re very good friends of agriculture and I would hate to have seen what would happen to issues that are important to us if Governor Brownback and Senator Roberts weren’t elected. As a matter of fact we had the opportunity to have Senator Roberts chair the Senate Ag Committee this year. We’re looking forward to seeing some progress made on certain issues because of that chairmanship. Also Senator… or Governor Sam Brownback has been very progressive in addressing the issues of water, which is very important especially to the dairy and feeding sectors in western Kansas. I’d hate to see what would have happened under a new administration, I’m afraid those efforts probably would have been put to the wayside. (Conrad) Just this last year, the total U.S. beef consumed was 25.5 billion pounds. With such a large and diverse industry many producers thrive with KLA’s direction and leadership. Jarret Moyer will take over after Jeff. He currently is serving on both the KLA Executive Committee and the KLA Board of Directors. (Jeff) My goal when I began my year as president was that when I left that the organization and the members would feel like that I left it in good shape, as good a shape as it was when I began. And we made some progress on some issues. It’s a great relief for me to know that Jarret Moyer will be taking over as president. Jarret is a great guy, he’s a really sharp guy, he’s a great friend of mine. And KLA will be left in good shape with him at the helm. (Conrad) Thank you for watching this episode of AGam in Kansas. For more of Farm Factor or if you want to view this program again, visit us on Or you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. So have a good day with good luck.

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