Jerry Hasart’s Beef Program is Focused on the Next Step

(Jamie) Thanks for coming back to Farm Factor! Now here’s a cattle producer who understands change is always on the horizon.
(Bob Cervera) Slowly building up their natural beef program, Top End Farms has always been focused on the next step. (Jerry Hasart) We retain ownership all the way. We feed them ourselves at home. Humane handle all these cattle, walking animals from pasture to pens. And our operation is close enough we can do that without hauling them. We give vaccination shots to babies and as we wean and then the feedyard. We keep expanding every year for different numbers cause of the premiums we get through producing top quality Angus beef. (Bob) With the help of GeneMax testing and A-I, selecting cattle for growth, marbling, disposition and udder quality has gotten easier. (Hasart) Gainability still pays the bills so you have a big enough animal to sell when your time comes. By doing that, increasing that carcass weights, at the top side, and increasing the genetics by Choice and Primes, we felt that by changing bulls over and keeping genetics we keep increasing as we go up from there. (Bob) When faced with drought in 2010 and 2011, slowing down wasn’t an option. (Hasart) We fed cows in the summer to, to get us through the year. We didn’t want to sell our cows if we didn’t have to. So we just kept, uh, expanding the herd by keeping more heifers, uh, and we knew the genetics was coming, we just had to keep doing it. (Bob) They have invested in a ranch, near Valentine, Nebraska, to spread out weather-related risks. With that comes more opportunity for the future. (Hasart) Our focus is to produce enough calves that in time we could, that our feed yard would be self-sustained through producing of all our calves, off our own genetics, into the yard and then sell them all off. Which I think is a win-win for everybody. Talk about sustainability, there is no better word for us, just keep going forward don’t stop. (Bob) I’m Bob Cervera.
(Jamie) Come back after the break for Plain Talk with Kyle Bauer and Duane Toews.

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