Joe Bichelmeyer

(Sam) Hello, I’m Sam Capoun and today we’re at the American Royal in Kansas
City at the Our Town, Our Food Convention. And I’m here with Joe Bichelmeyer.
And Joe you’re the owner of Bichelmeyer Meats, which is actually located
pretty close to the American Royal. (Joe) We’re right across the river on the
Kansas side. (Sam) So, tell us a little bit about your company and what you
talked about today at the convention. (Joe) Well Bichelmeyer Meats is a
family owned business, owned by my brother Jim and myself, my wife, and our
son Matt. And we’re vertically integrated to Bichelmeyer Land and Cattle, a
working cattle ranch about 60 miles southwest of Kansas City, where we have a
cow/calf operation and we work a lot of those cattle into our meat company
ultimately and sell the beef that’s derived from those animals. (Sam) What
are some differences that you’ve seen in terms of the grass-fed and then the
grain-fed? (Joe) Well, obviously they’re two different categories of beef.
The grass-fed is consistent with some people’s wishes as to what they prefer
to eat. And we respect that. We process a lot of grass-finished beef for the
people that raise them. We also process and sell a lot of grain-finished
beef. And we supply our counter with cattle from the grain-finished beef
category. (Sam) Now, what’s the importance of having both aspects for
Bichelmeyer Meats? (Joe) Well, number one, it gives people a choice. We’re
blessed in this country to be able to have choices and we offer those choices
and let the consumer pick what they choose. And we respect that. (Sam) Now,
you said in your speech a quote from a KU doctor about the hormones in
implanted beef. Can you tell me a little bit about that quote? (Joe) His
comment was that one individual would have to eat a boxcar load of liver to
have the negative effects of a beef implant. And number one, nobody’s gonna
eat a boxcar load of liver. No human that I know of is going to ever do that.
And I don’t know that scientific studies have ever actually proven the
disadvantages of eating beef from an implanted animal. (Sam) So, finally I
wanted to ask you a little bit about the changes that you’ve seen since
you’ve become part of the Bichelmeyer Meats process. (Joe) Our clientele has
changed dramatically over time. We have people from multiple ethnicities that
shop at our market. So, we’ve very diverse in our clientele base and for that
reason we’re able to sell virtually anything and everything that we produce
and have to buy more of it.

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