Joe Bichelmeyer

(Ernie) AGam in Kansas and if you remember, about a year ago we were out at your ranch. I’m talking about Joe Bichelmeyer, Bichelmeyer Land and Cattle Company. We were out there seeing the cows being worked and all the activities down there Joe. And here we are, I call it from hoof to the plate. And we’re here at your meat market which by the way folks, is an experience to come to in itself. Joe tell us a little bit about your operation. (Joe) Well thank you Ernie for having us. Bichelmeyer Land and Cattle is actually an off shoot from Bichelmeyer Meats. Everything that we do at the ranch, the ultimate goal is to provide the meat company with a quality product. Something that we know the history of from start to finish and it gives us a very good comfort zone to provide our customers here at the meat company with a high quality, Angus, grain finished product. (Ernie) In a day like today the times have changed, we’re in such competition for the consumers out there, buying protein, whether it be through chicken, whether it be…but your beef is second to none. And you know it’s a process on how you handle ’em and how you process ’em and everything else. My hat goes off to the Bichelmeyer Meat Market for doing that. (Joe) We work very hard to provide a quality product that we’ve handled in a proper fashion. It starts with a low stress method of weaning, post calving season. It’s enhanced by the BQA quality assurance practices that we’ve implemented on the ranch and say what you want but it does provide us with a much better product at the retail end that we provide our customers. (Ernie) Flavor is second to none. And then you look at the uniformity of your carcasses in there. That’s a big part of it too because people want to buy something next week that tastes as good as it did last week. (Joe) Well, that’s a big part of why we do what we do, is to provide some consistency to the product that we offer to the public. Here at the meat company, we offer sides of beef, quarters of beef. We offer all of the retail cuts of meat and customers can come in and pick and choose whatever they’ve seen will fit their freezer. (Ernie) And you know, you talk about teamwork, with the Bichelmeyer Meat Market and the Bichelmeyer Land and Cattle, that’s one thing, been out there lots of years, been here lots of years, you’ve got the same team. And that says something about your management Joe and your brother Jim and what you guys do out here. (Joe) Well, we like to treat people like we like to be treated Ernie and that gives us a wonderful set of people, both at the ranch and here at the meat company. (Ernie) Well, my wife, like I said, I’m speaking just as a testimonial from her. Which I’ve got her cooler back there we’re sending home. This is a place that you can buy meat every day and it tastes like you’re raising it yourself and the quality of doing a great job. And you know I always look forward to coming up here. And it’s an experience to come up here. You see a meat case as long as that, which you’ve got the history behind it. (Joe) Well, history is wonderful. The meat counter length is wonderful, but the bottom line is, you have to provide a consistent product. (Ernie) Well, you do a good job and all you have to do is go out to the ranch and watch how you handle these calves. They are… you try to work to get every dollar you possibly can out of them and do it in a safe way and in, as far as an effective stockmanship way. You do it from standpoint. The other thing, we’ve been going through a lot of rain. How many inches have we had in the last few weeks? (Joe) In the last three weeks at the ranch we’ve had over 11 inches of rain. Believe me, it’s much appreciated. All of our ponds are back full and running over. Never want to turn down rain, but it could moderate a little bit. (Ernie) One thing I gotta tell about it, unless our folks out there, viewers read “Lunch Meat and Life Lessons” they don’t know what I’m talking about. You can honestly say, it’s not over the “L” yet. (Joe) No sir, we’re fortunate. (Joe) Not over the “L” so it’s just been great. But it’s been wonderful here. I just jumped at the chance to come up to the meat market. Quality meat at 7th and Cheyenne in Kansas City, Kansas. Take my word for it, not a better finished product than you get from Bichelmeyer Meat Market. (Joe) Thank you very much Ernie.

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