Joe Newland

(Joe) I’m Joe Newland with Kansas Farm Bureau. I am the District Director for the Third District here in Southeast Kansas. And today we’ve had the privilege of hosting our Third District picnic. It’s been a lot of fun today to be able to co-op with AgEagle a UAV company here in Neodesha. We’ve gotten to know Brett Chilcott fairly well and it’s been a lot fun. Actually you know to learn exactly what he does as a new startup company the last two years. We’ve enjoyed having the people from southeast Kansas in our area join us for the picnic. But also thanking the Legislative staff that’s been able to join us along with the field staff and office staff from our Kansas Farm Bureau. The District is part of ten counties. And there’s ten Districts across the state, but we know that the counties and all makeup what drives the state. Everything is grassroots driven, everything from policy that is developed within our counties, taken to our districts and then onto the state. That’s what the advocacy part of Farm Bureau is. And we enjoy working with each and every one of the Farm Bureau counties to develop this policy. Then we get to meet as a Board and all in Manhattan occasionally, mostly monthly and we get to work on different problems, or activities that we have across the state and then we join in, of course, with American Farm Bureau. Of course, most of the issues and all stem from government regulations. And one of the problems that we’ve had working with the UAV is the proposed regulations with the FAA. Although the last readings that came from the FAA, was very favorable towards the UAVs. Other problems that we have are of course, water issues. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but most of the problems we have is too much rain at times, especially early in the planting season. So, that’s where the UAV can be of great help and all for some of the local areas, for us to determine what and what we can do and all with the problems we have. You know Farm Bureau stretches across the country. Each District and all within our state puts on its own activities. But Farm Bureau is the largest farm organization in the state. But it doesn’t just cover one entity and all, it’s not just livestock, it’s not just crops, it’s everything involved. So, we can help with about any issue they would have within agriculture.

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