Josh White at the BIF Convention

(Sam Capoun) Welcome to AGam in Kansas. I’m your guest host, Sam Capoun and today, we’re at the BIF Convention at Manhattan, Kansas. I’m here with Josh White. Josh, tell us a little bit about your job duties. (Josh White) Sure. I’m the Executive Director of Producer Education for National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. As part of that role, I get to serve on the BIF, Beef Improvement Federation Board of Directors and also lead the Awards Committee for the- (Sam) Tell us about the convention here. (Josh) It’s been great, huge attendance, great turnout. It’s really about bringing all segments of the production side of the industry together. A lot of people think of BIF as very high-level seed stock, but there are a lot of things here for commercial producers, anybody in the cattle business or breeding cattle. (Sam) Do you know about the amount of people that we have here? (Josh) I know its approaching 700 folks. (Sam) That’s great. (Josh) It’s a great turnout. (Sam) About the awards that you guys give out, how does that work? (Josh) We have quite a few different awards. We award a Seedstock Producer of the Year, and a Commercial Cattlemen Ranch of the Year. Those two obviously are submitted by BIF members, member organizations such as Kansas Livestock Association, they submitted some. We had multiple entries in all of those awards. Really tough competition but essentially, it’s about people, people making a difference, people that we can look up to and that we can aspire to achieve what they have achieved in their breeding programs. Then we have another category of awards that recognize these folks that are within the genetics industry or help with BIF. One of those is called the Continuing Service Award that is for folks that have greatly impacted the industry in the genetics research and/or support of the BIF organization itself. They’ve helped with writing up some of the guidelines for performance, procedures, that sort of thing that BIF does. Then there’s the Pioneer Award, and that’s for someone that has made a huge impact in the industry over a period of time. A lot of those are, we try to reach out to regional winners as well, so we encourage our states that are close to wherever we are hosting the event of that year to submit a lot of nominations for all the awards. Then one last award — (Sam) [laughs] you have a lot of awards then. (Josh) We have an Ambassador Award, and that’s typically for someone that’s in the media. So someone in the Ag trade media or a breed publication that promotes not only BIF and the principles of BIF, which is to advance cattle production through genetics and performance records, but also just that does a great job promoting the benefits of the cattle industry and achieving great production practices to increase efficiency and just doing overall good job with cattle. We have a wide range array of awards. (Sam) The awards are great to recognize people across the Ag industry as a whole. (Josh) That’s right. (Sam) Thanks for joining us today, and we hope to enjoy more of the BIF Convention. (Josh) All right. Thanks for having me.

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