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(Chris) Hello, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins, at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and today we are at Horse Care 101 and joined by Ms. Julie Goodnight, an excellent trainer who has some really great information for horse owners here in Kansas today. She’s from Salide… (Julie) Salida. (Chris) Salida, Colorado and she’s on RFD TV and does some great stuff all over this country. And I guess that would be a place to start. Could you give a general synopsis of just kind of your year, like I imagine it’s fairly intense. (Julie) Sure. (Chris) What do you do in a year? (Julie) Well, actually it is kind of a crazy job I have. I’m on the road a lot, so I actually sleep in hotels about 130 nights a year. And I fly everywhere I go, so most everywhere I go, so I might be on the east coast this weekend, on the west coast next weekend,criss-crossing the country like that. So, I do a lot of different things when I’m on the road. I do first of all, filming the TV show. We film the TV show in various locations around the country three times a year, takes us about a week to film eight episodes. So, I travel for that. Also, I do horsemanship clinics of my own, so I’ll go to a location and we’ll have anywhere usually about 15 horses and riders come in and I’ll work with them all weekend. So, I travel all over the country for that. And also, I do events such as this here at Kansas State Vet School where educational events and horse expo, so I do a lot of public speaking at those events, primarily just educating horse owners. And there’s a lot to know and learn about horses. And there’s a lot of people that are eager to learn. So, I’ll go where the people are and try to help them and teach them what they need to know to accomplish their goals. So, I enjoy it. It’s great. I always say nobody pays me to stay home and read a book so, I just happen to have to travel for my job and I actually enjoy traveling. I like it. I get to go to a lot of neat places. (Chris) And you can really tell whenever you’re giving a presentation, well, just what I’ve noticed even here today is you just really enjoy what you’re doing and getting the information out there. And I think one thing is, as far as an event, is Equifest here in February, she’s gonna be one of our main clinicians at Equifest in February here in Wichita, Kansas. So, that will be great to have you back in Kansas. (Julie) Yeah, I’m really looking forward to that, it’s been a few years since I’ve done that show. It’s a great event. You’re lucky here in Kansas to have such a strong Horse Council. Also, working in conjunction with the Vet School and the University here. So, that’s a lot of synergy that comes together to help promote the horse industry and I’m glad to be a part of that. (Chris) Well we’re sure glad to have you here that’s for dang sure. Stay tuned for Horsing Around. We’ll be right back with Julie Goodnight.

(Chris) Hello and welcome back to Horse Care 101 here at Kansas State University. And again we’re here with the interview of Julie Goodnight. You know while you’re here, and as we were kind of talking a little bit, is there something that you’re really passionate about the horse and behavior and just getting people to be able to enjoy the horse even more? But what do you think is like a common topic or a common question that you see a lot or you discuss with owners a lot, just to share? (Julie) Well you know I would say, first of all for me my biggest passion in this industry for myself is the learning of horse behavior. I’ll never grow tired of studying horse behavior, of watching horses and learning from horses. Horses really bring out both the best and the worst in people. We really have to sort of, step up to the plate when we’re around horses if we want to have success. So, I would say probably that, well, first of all, let me say that while my biggest passion in horses personally is the study of horse behavior and the training or the shaping of behavior, what I am most known for and what I suppose I do the best, is teach people to ride better. So, I think most people when they come to my clinic or they come to work with me, it is because they have the belief they’re gonna learn to be a better rider. And that is true. I work very hard on educating the rider. I think the issues that come up the most and the thing that we actually have to work the most on, is developing leadership skills in horse handlers and getting them to understand the nature of horses and why horses need strong confident handlers. And people particularly I think women, and I can say this cause I am one, we’re not always really good at having a confident demeanor and disciplining our horse when we should. So, I do a lot of assertiveness training in my clinics and getting people to understand when to correct a horse, how to correct a horse and how to make change, how to motivate the horse to change. (Chris) That’s crucial. For the safety of everybody too. And I guess kind of real quick, what would be a way for people to contact you, or look at your website? Do you have some contact information for people to see? (Julie) Sure. You bet. My web site is juliegoodnight.com. And we have worked really hard to put together a lot of resourceful information on our website. So you can go there and sign up for free access and get access to articles and videos and information that will help you learn and educate yourself better for handling horses better. So that’s available to anyone at anytime. We also have some paid membership programs that get you to a different level of resources and… up to and including an interactive level where you’ll actually get feedback from us and all of that. So, we work really hard to develop these resources. I’ve been doing the TV show on RFD for eight years now. We film 24 episodes a year. So, we’ve got quite a few episodes of Horse Master which has become a great resource library in and of itself. So, chances are anything you could think of to type in as a keyword, we’ve done an episode on. So, we have all of those videos live streaming on demand. And so you can type in bucking or rearing or biting or any thing like that and it will come up with a list of videos that pertain to that subject. So, I’ve been at it for a while now. And I accumulated a lot of resources so we’re trying to get that all organized in a way that’s really accessible to people on line. (Chris) Well Julie thank you very much for coming to Kansas. That was great for Horse Care 101. (Julie) Thanks. Thanks for having me. (Chris) We’ll see you in February, Wichita, Equifest. (Julie) Will do. (Chris) I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Health Center and we’ll see you around.

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