K-State Ranching Summit

(Sam Capoun) Good morning and welcome to AGam in Kansas. Thanks for joining us, I’m Sam Capoun and today we’re with Dr. Bob Weaber. Bob, you have an event coming up. Why don’t do tell us a little bit about it? (Dr. Bob Weaber) Sure, Sam. We’re hosting the first K-State Ranching Summit here October 7th. The event will be on campus at the Student Union Ballroom right in front of the ASI Friends and Family Event. But we’ve put together a program centered around beef producers and ranchers, building their business management skills. We look forward into the farm economy, and we anticipate it’s going to get tighter on both sides of the fence – the crop side and the cattle side. We thought it might be useful to put together a workshop that focuses on building some of those business management skills. (Sam) What kind of workshop are you expecting? Are you’re having speakers, if so, how many? (Bob) Yes, sure we’ve got a full day program lined up. Registration starts about 9:30 in the morning and then we’ll have two or three speakers before lunch or luncheon and several speakers after lunch. (Sam) How many people are you expecting at this workshop? (Bob) Sure, we’re planning for somewhere between 150 and 250. We’ve got some pretty good flexibility; we’ve had good registration so far for the event. We’re excited; this can be a good meeting. (Sam) October 7th is a Friday night, are you expecting any K-State students to attend as well? (Bob) Sure, we’ve got our registration set up both for obviously ranchers, but we also have a student registration option. I will have a number of students come from the undergraduate programs at K-State, as well as some of our graduate students in animal science. (Sam) Why is it important to have an event like this, especially for K-State’s outreach? (Bob) Great, one of the things that we are trying to do in our Extension programming is look forward and build programs to augment the knowledge and skill sets of our producers and clientele around the state. Like I said earlier, the farm economy is tightening up, we had new record cattle prices a couple of years ago, we’ve almost cut those in half. And so we want producers to approach their decision-making in business management with some new skills or back-filling some of those skill sets around thinking through how do we define profits, s Burke Teichert to a well-known speaker in beef circles is coming to talk about that very idea of how do we define profit in cow/calf systems. We’ve got a couple of folks that they’re going to talk about systems thinking and systems decision-making. We know in beef production particularly in integrated farm and ranching operations, but there are lots of moving parts, and we can’t make a decision in a vacuum on one component of that without affecting other parts of the business. I’m helping out our producers think through a managerial set of tactics to enable making good decisions at the ranch level. (Sam) Now, if someone wants to participate in this workshop, how do they get enrolled? (Bob) Sure, the easiest thing’s go to our Beef Extension website, that’s ksubeef.org, and we’ve got all of our current events listed there on the website. After today’s event here at the Stocker Unit, we’re going to move, Ranching Summit’s going to be at the top of the list. Just go to that website, you can download the full program and see all of our speakers listed there, and there’s online registration through the end of September. Also, if you want to do a traditional paper form and send in a check you can do that as well. (Sam) Perfect. Well, you heard Bob; if you’re interested in the event, go ahead and go to ksubeef.org and thanks for joining us today on AGam in Kansas. (Bob) Thank you.

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