K-State’s Horseman’s Day on March 2nd

(Jim) (Dr. Chris Blevins) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center, today, joined by Kallie Emig. Welcome. (Kallie Emig) Thank you. Thank you for having me. (Dr. Chris) Well, I think it’s very exciting stuff that goes on within the university and things to just know about is the Kansas State Horse Unit and there are some exciting things going on. Could you just highlight maybe some things that are coming up that involve the K-State Horse Unit? (Kallie) Of course, we’re going to have the very first KSU Horseman’s Day, which is going to be on Thursday, March 2nd at the brand new Equine Performance Testing Center at the Veterinary Health Center. Horseman’s Day or a day dedicated to animals within the Animal Science Department isn’t really a new idea since we have Cattleman’s Day and Stocker Day and everything like that. This year, I wanted to bring a focus to equine and the whole equine program incorporating both the Animal Science Department and also the Veterinary Health Center. Since we work together with so many different things with teaching and research trials and this whole event is going to incorporate all of us. We’ll finish out the day previewing my for sale colts that are going to sell on Friday, March 3rd for the Legacy Sale. (Dr. Chris) That’s going to be exciting and the Horseman Day is for horse owners or horse enthusiasts to learn more, come and visit. There is going to be demonstrations, right? (Kallie) Yes, definitely we’re going to do a lot of different demonstrations, diagnostic tools that are used at the Veterinary Health Center. We’re going to give different lectures from veterinarians and other people within the equine industry just to talk about anything and everything equine. If you want to learn about the equine industry and learn about the Veterinary Health Center and what we have to offer here at the horse unit like these colts, then definitely come out and learn. It’s a free event. There’s lunch, which is sponsored by Purina. There’s some other vendors going on, lots of stuff to look at and learn about and get free things. (Dr. Chris) With that, if they want to know more, I’m sure that you know we’re going to give them some information as far as the date. Any other contact or where they might be able to find some more information even just about the horse unit? (Kallie) Definitely, check the K-State horse unit Facebook page. That’s what I’m updating with different videos of all of this sale colts information about the preview and the day of the sale and also Horseman’s Day. (Dr. Chris) That is cool. Well, thank you, Kallie, for everything you’re doing here at Kansas State and the horse unit. Really involving the aspect of the horse industry, showing some great horses here. What the State Horse Unit has to offer as far as that rancher type horses and the big need within the state, I’m sure just appreciate everything you’re doing here. (Kallie) Sure, no problem. (Dr. Chris) Well, I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and we’ll see you around.

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