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(Scott) My name is Scott Stebner and I’m the owner of Scott Stebner Photography at scottstebner.com. And this is a project I say is 33 years in the making. I grew up in southern California. My Mother was a horse trainer and we didn’t really get involved in livestock until I started in my county 4-H club. And we had about 350 people in my town’s 4-H club and we all showed livestock, none of us came from farm backgrounds. And I was showing dairy cattle and we had a really nice farming gentleman who would give us the dairy heifers and all the feed over the summer and throughout the winter and show them at our county fair and then we’d give ’em back. And he gave us a great experience. The only problem was his farm was about 10 minutes from the ocean and a developer came in developed across his land and eventually had the EPA shut him down. And with that he lost his family’s livelihood that had been around for a century and we all lost our 4-H projects. And it really gave me a passion since I was about nine years old that we really need to educate people about what agriculture is, what it isn’t and that continued with me until I went to college and eventually became an ag teacher where I helped found an ag program in the middle of Silicone Valley. And not a single one of our kids were from an agriculture background. And they gave us the name the Aggie Evangelists because we’d take these kids from an urban background and we would turn them into ag majors and give them a passion for agriculture. And eventually moved out here to Kansas to start my Master’s work in agricultural communications. And my wife and I were talking about what can we do to give something back. And we decided that we had a passion for advocacy. We love photography and I really wanted to do what we could to raise money for scholarships. So we decided to draw upon a bunch of research about how people perceive agriculture through images and partnered with Kansas Farm Bureau to create a documentary on our wonderful Kansas farmers and ranchers. And all proceeds from this book will go to fund scholarships for agricultural communication students who are really interested in advocacy. And then the second part is we really hope this book will go ahead and advocate for our Kansas farmers and ranchers to hopefully a demographic that usually doesn’t experience agriculture. My background is in the urban sectors and I always realized that they weren’t stupid for having the beliefs they did, they were just misinformed. And my big thing with this is to hopefully showcase our farmers and ranchers, the hard work they’re doing and their character that comes with being a farmer and rancher in a way that really puts a face and a story and some science behind what they do. And hopefully by doing that we can actually inform the urban public outside of the current agricultural discussion. If you’d like to purchase a copy and support some great students in generating scholarships fund, you can go purchase the book at kfb.org\ksfarmerbook. So once again kfb.org\ksfarmerbook.

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