Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update

(Jamie) Welcome back! Next up is the Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update.
(Stacey) I believe that folks should be involved in whether it’s a Kansas Farm Bureau of any kind of other farm organization because people in…our legislators in D.C. or Kansas, wherever it might be, they absolutely need to hear from us. We have great people that represent all these different organizations but it’s the farmers that have the stories about how different legislation is going to affect them on their farm and our legislators absolutely need to hear that from us. And I know we get caught up in our everyday life of a lot of chores, there’s a lot of work to do, but it is absolutely imperative that we belong to these organizations that give us the opportunities to be able to go and tell our story to those who absolutely need to hear them the most.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed the Kansas Farm Bureau Legislative Update! Come back after the break as we wrap up with Dr. John Anderson.

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