Kansas Farm Bureau Update

J(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Update.
(Warren Parker) There was a very important primary election for Kansas, both on the state and national levels. Kansas Farm Bureau and its members across the Big 1st Congressional District congratulate and look forward to partnering with the endorsed candidate, Dr. Roger Marshall. Members in county evaluation committees across the state made their choice abundantly clear. We believe Dr. Marshall will forge a positive consensus to move ahead the business of governing. We also congratulate Senator Jerry Moran and Representatives Lynn Jenkins, Kevin Yoder and Mike Pompeo. We’ll continue to work with these effective leaders through the general election. Look forward to positive results in November and teaming with them in the next Congress to advance Kansas Agriculture. It will be a big election with huge ramifications for the budget and education, on the state level as well. We’re excited to work with the primary winners for a successful November election taking on the challenges we face in Kansas.
(Jamie) Don’t go away – after the break Kyle Bauer catches up with nationally known horse trainer Scott Daily.

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