Kansas Horse Council License Plates

(Chris) Hello and welcome to Horsin’ Around. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins at Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center, joined down here at EquiFest and with the Director of the Horse Council Patti Stalders, so thank you and welcome. (Patti) You’re welcome, thank you. Appreciate it. (Chris) You know I think there’s some great things going on with the Kansas Horse Council and making sure people know everything about what’s going on at the Kansas Horse Council is always very important. And one of the biggest and most exciting thing that’s kind of just started, is license plates with horses on ’em. (Patti) Yes. Yes. (Chris) So, can you tell us a little bit about that. (Patti) Yes, absolutely. Last year we got some legislation passed to create a specialty equine license plate. And for the first time ever, you can also use a specialty plate on your trailer, which was really cool. (Chris) OK. (Patti) So we have this plate that’s designed with a Kansas sunset and a running horse on there. It’s beautiful. And it’s available at every county treasurer’s office in the state right now. (Chris) OK, so yea, where ever you’re getting tags you can pick up a Kansas Horse Council plate. (Patti) Yes, yes. (Chris) And I think something else that’ll maybe even make ’em feel even better is, what happens… or part of the proceeds go to… (Patti) There’s a royalty fee of $30 dollars when you purchase the plate and that money will come directly to the Horse Council and we will in turn redistribute it back through the equine industry in the state. We expect to do it through a grant program and so it won’t begin this year. That’ll begin next year. But anybody that’s involved in a saddle club that needs help with getting new footing or fencing, it will go towards equine research, equine promotion, trails maintenance, every different facet of the equine industry and community in our state. We’ll be putting our money back into it. (Chris) So other than having a great horse license plate in the state of Kansas you’re contributing to the horse community. (Patti) Yes, you are. (Chris) And that’s a big thing about the Kansas Horse Council. (Patti) It is. And I encourage people that have plates, when you take ’em out of state, send us pictures of your plates and where you are and we’ll post it on our Facebook page. I can’t wait to see ’em rolling down the highway. And the advertisement for Kansas and the horse industry in Kansas as people are traveling across the United States is gonna be wonderful. (Chris) That is actually great and you know I think rather than the license plates and we kind of talked a little bit about it, as far as maybe even scholarships and stuff that they have through the Kansas Horse Council. (Patti) Correct. (Chris) Can you talk a little bit about that? (Patti) The Horse Council created a foundation several years ago, and each year we award between five and ten thousand dollars in scholarships. We’re really grateful this year the Weary Family Foundation has donated $5,000 a year for scholarships, $2,500 dollar scholarship to our top male applicant and $2,500 dollars to our top female applicant. And that’s in addition to the monies that we already give away each year from our silent auction that’s held here at Equifest. That’s our one time fundraiser. We raise thousands of dollars and we put it all back to students that are interested in the equine industry. (Chris) And I think that’s…so that might have perked up some people that are looking for scholarships. (Patti) Yes. (Chris) When’s the deadline and sign up for that? (Patti) April 1st, the applications need to be to the Horse Council Office. The application is online at the kansashorsecouncil.com website. (Chris) OK. Well there you go. You kinda have all that kinda ready to go. (Patti) It’s exciting. (Chris) Exciting. Well thank you Patti. I’m Dr. Chris Blevins with Horsin’ Around and we’ll see you around.

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