Kansas Horse Council President

(Dawn) Good morning everybody. Welcome to AGam in Kansas and we’re doing the Horsin’ Around segment today. We are at Equifest, got the chance to meet with Dr. Justin Janssen, who is the President of the Kansas Horse Council. I would just like to tell everybody Equifest this year is absolutely spectacular. Having this guy on the Kansas Horse Council had a lot to do with that. He headed up and was involved with the Hoosier Horse Fair in Indiana. They had a huge horse fair out there and brought some of those ideas and that experience here to Kansas to the Kansas Horse Council which puts this event on. You guys, your whole team has done an awesome job. (Justin) We were really led by Ann White. She’s the coordinator and she took that on because her heart is in Equifest. (Dawn) Yes. (Justin) It’s a whole group of volunteers that really get the thing done. We couldn’t begin to do what we do without all the people stepping up and being a part of it. (Dawn) Yes. It has been a great move to bring it from Wichita to Topeka. A lot of people are like, it’s so spread out. I said, if you go to the big successful horse fairs this is what it’s like. These big facilities where you can just keep bringing vendors in and lots of clinicians. There’s all kinds of rooms around for demonstrations and talks to be done. (Justin) The people have really been happy. I think the people that come and just are spectators and trying to learn and the vendors that are here are pleased with the new facilities. We really hope that the Expocentre enlarges and hopefully in the next three to five years that we’re going to fill all that space too when it becomes available. (Dawn) I think it’s a great possibility and we’ve had some great clinicians here this year in 2016 with Tim McQuay. We had Dan James with Double Dan Horsemanship. He is a great entertainer. With our English people as well and all the local people that are around in the small rooms it’s been a great show. But you’ve got a big name coming in next year already, right? (Justin) Yes, Chris Cox has already committed to be the headline clinician for the 2017 Equifest. We’re tickled about that and we’ll line up some other people to back him up and other disciplines. (Dawn) Which is the 20th anniversary, right? (Justin) The 20th anniversary, right. (Dawn) So that’s going to be a big deal next year. If you guys didn’t get a chance to get to the 2016, we’re wrapping it up today here. Be sure to get it on your calendar next year for 2017. It’s right around February 18,19, something like that. here. Be sure to get it on your calendar next year for 2017. It’s right around February 18, 19th, something like that. So, get it on your calendar. Thanks Dr. Janssen for all you’ve done, my neighbor, my friend, I appreciate it. We’ve just been having a great time. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for watching AGam in Kansas this morning and we’ll see you next year at Equifest of Kansas.

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