Kansas Soybean Update Featuring Anne La Mar

(Jamie) Welcome back to Farm Factor and the Kansas Soybean Update.
(Greg Akagi) This is the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Check Off progress powered by Kansas Farmers. Anne La Mar, family and consumer teacher at Olathe East High School joins us. Anne you participated in the Kansas Soybean Foods Educational Program for Kansas middle and high school, family and consumer sciences department, and it was a lot of the great experiences that you were able to have. (Anne La Mar) We shared the information with the students about the benefits of soy and the ingredients in most of our products that we can purchase for the class which is very nice because there is some grant money allotted to that. Soy is in a lot of ingredients, whether it’s processed food or just put in there to help, even though it’s a plant-based type food, and I encourage students with the soy through preparation, eating, it does have its benefits. (Greg) Aren’t other Kansas middle and high school family and consumer science departments have an opportunity to participate in this program with some upcoming deadlines for this fall and of course for next for semester too? (Anne) If one wants to go to the website and research that they can find where there’s information about the whole program that I participate in. They have forms that you can fill out. I think the max amount is up to $600 depending on the number of students one has. Just in this semester when I went out grocery shopping and I look at the products, I analyze them, and I find whether they have soy, and I’ll put to work then the next semester, I turn in that receipt with item amount of what was used, where is the soy, and how much I spent. I know soy is in a lot of things and so not just the very basic aspects for the students, some of the other teachers might have a need for it. (Greg) For you as a family and consumer science teacher, how important is it to have a program like the Kansas Soybean Commission is offering to use in your curriculum? (Anne) It’s very beneficial and not only educationally but to help students learn about the backgrounds of some of the foods that are being consumed in their body and getting them to read the label so that they can identify something that might have the soy in it and other ingredients. The benefits of soy as a plant-based type product, health reasons and nutrition and wellness class. We talk a lot about health issues and eating correctly that is soy-based. We teach the benefits of that to my students and not only can they take that and agree on it to themselves but also share with other people and take it home to their families and hopefully they can grow some of it. (Greg) You can submit your application form for the Fall 2016 FACS Program by September 23rd and for Spring 2017 by February 24th, by going to kansassoybeans.org/consumers. Anne La Mar, family and consumer science teacher at Olathe East High School joins us on the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Check Off Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Learn more at kansassoybeans.org. For Kansas Soybeans, I’m Greg Akagi.
(Jamie) Stay with us after the break for Duane’s visit with Michael Thompson about the benefits of cover crops.

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