Kansas Soybean Update Featuring Garret Heath

(Greg Akagi) This is the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Garret Heath will be a senior at Kansas State University is joining us. He is from Topeka and this summer he has served as the summer intern for the Kansas Soybean Association and Garret, I’m sure that has kept you busy throughout the summer. (Garret Heath) Yes, it has. Kenlon really does keep us busy. We run out of things to do, he finds more things. (Greg) What have been some of the main projects that you and Danielle have worked on this summer? (Garret) Well, the first thing that we did that was really important was we got some things prepared for a Congressional report and we took that to DC and spoke with Senator Pat Roberts, Senator Jerry Moran and a couple of assistants for our district representative. (Greg) What got you interested in wanting to serve as a summer intern for Kansas Soybeans? (Garret) Well, I’ve always been, with my mother side of my family being in agriculture, the importance of agriculture for Kansas and I’m a person who’s very committed to the economy and helping it to run well and I think agriculture is the very important part of that. So anything I can do to help that is something that to me is worthwhile. (Greg) You’re majoring in Public Relations; did this type of experience help you in furthering yourself in your field? (Garret) I think it did. I think the skill set that is needed in public relations or marketing or any closely related field was really one that was tested throughout the summer and really well developed through some of the things that I had the opportunity to do. (Greg) So what would you like to do in the future? (Garret) I think in the future, I’m going to keep my options open. I’ve considered going down the public relations route or more of a marketing route, not quite sure which field I’m going to follow completely but I think whichever opportunity presents itself the best and being reasonable to me will be the path that I follow. (Greg) The experiences you had in going to Washington DC, getting in front of some of the Congressional representatives for Kansas, how much can you take from that experience and really tell others who might be interested in being a summer intern and what would you tell them? (Garret) Well, what I can take from it first off is that this organization is really well connected. I mean, how many internships you get to go and meet United States’ senators? I don’t know if anybody else has ever been able to do that so what I would tell future summer interns is that this will really, really, truly give you perspective on the importance of agriculture. It will also give you the opportunity to do things that not very many people get the chance to do and you know that your skill set’s going to be well developed when you get to do things like this. (Greg) Hey Garret, we appreciate your time, thank you very much. (Garret) All right, you have a good one Greg. (Greg) That is Garret Heath who will be a senior at Kansas State University. He is a Topeka native and served as the summer intern for Kansas Soybeans and he joins us on the Kansas Soybean Update. It’s brought to you by the Kansas Soybean Commission. The Soybean Checkoff, Progress Powered by Kansas Farmers. Learn more at kansassoybeans.org. For Kansas Soybeans, I’m Greg Akagi.
(Jamie) Hope you enjoyed the Kansas Soybean Update! Up next learn about the benefits of AI.

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