Kansas Wheat Commission sponsored Trade Team

(Jay Armstrong) I’m Jay Armstrong. I’m the immediate Past Chair of the Kansas Wheat Commission. I live here in Muscotah, Kansas which is located in Atchison County in northeast Kansas. We’ve been very delighted today to have at our farm three Cuban millers that are here being sponsored by the Kansas Wheat Commission. This has been a project that we started 18 months ago with the idea that while many of us had been to Cuba to see their needs that we needed to bring them here so that they could see how we farm and how we plant and grow our wheat. Some of them are buyers, some of them are millers and bakers and they’re going to be here for the next three days. We’re going to be taking them to the International Grains Program. There they’ll be going through some classes where they’ll learn about grain purchasing, milling and baking techniques. We feel that it’s time to end the embargo, that it hasn’t worked and that they have a tremendous market down there for tourists from the United States, which means they need more food. They’re 90 miles away. Currently they’re buying their wheat from Canada and France now and there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t be selling them our wheat and many of our other products. A lot of people don’t realize, but the only country in the world that our country won’t let you go visit is Cuba. We just think it’s time to get this policy eliminated by them coming here and us going there. We’re finding out that we really have a lot of things in common and likewise that we could be of a benefit to each other in trade. It’s been a delight and they’re having a great time and I think it’s Kansas Wheat Farmers Commission money really going to a good effort when prices are as low as they are.

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