(Jeff) I’m Jeff Buehler with the Kansas Ag Research and Technology Association. We’re excited to be here at our 19th Annual Winter Conference. KARTA is a member driven organization that supports ag technology and on-farm research. We bring a lot of vendors in dealing with precision ag, general agriculture. This is a great opportunity for vendors and producers to network and exchange information. The organization also give grants for on-farm research and helps facilitate the process. Being a producer myself, I really enjoy both the on-farm research for more practical applications as well as the university approach to what they’re working on at a higher level. If a farmer is looking to get a grant from KARTA, we have a grant application process that occurs usually in February. They can watch the website- it’s kartaonline.org and we have announcements and then that’s where the registration for the grant application takes place also. You can check kartaonline.org for all of our events coming up including workshops that we have throughout the year as well as the Winter Conference which typically happens the week before No-Till on the Plains.

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