Ken McCauley Corn School

(Ken) I’m Ken McCauley, farmer from White Cloud, Kansas, member of the Kansas Corn Commission. I farm with my son and my wife in White Cloud, raise corn and soybeans, all no till. We try to do more corn than soybeans as we go depending on what the market asks us to do. So, we’ve been as high as 80 percent corn on our farm in the past, but we’re currently just a little over 50 percent corn right now. Well this is meeting season and Kansas Corn Commission has decided that we would like to be more visible, and the Corn Schools are very important to producers along with the fact that this gives us a chance to toot our own horn a little bit and talk to producers about where their check offs, actually the check off money goes. And we’ve always been proactive in being at events like this. The importance of a meeting like this is you get to hear from university, the professionals. But there’s a lot of professionals in the room also and the network aspect of this is tremendous. Anyone that goes to meetings like this knows that the meeting in the hallway or the conversation at lunch is where you really pick up the thing that you might not know. And most farmers do a good job. Most farmers know what they’re doing but they also know that there is always room for improvement, something that either worked or didn’t work. And you know honestly, I’ve learned a lot more from being wrong than I ever did being right. And that’s where you really pick something that saves your rear end. Next year when things really get tight you learn the markets this morning from Dan O’Brien and now they’re talking about weed resistance which it’s a fast changing world right now and the things that happened you, once you find out that they happened to you, it’s too late. What the Corn Commission will do here in the next year or two is become more visible through social media, through things like this, and we count on our growers and check off producers, corn growers to re-tweet and become involved and expand that message. So, it actually has a lot more credibility when producers do these things. So, I’ve been a big proponent of that in social media of Twitter and Facebook, especially of the members that re-tweet and re-post our messages because you know, the media itself, networks and TV, radio and everything is very important to all of us. But these new things are really important to get that message out with the credibility and also to a bigger audience.

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