Kendal with the Peterson Farm Brothers

((Jamie) Thanks for staying with us. Next Kendal shares his thoughts on what its like to be part of a farm family.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again from the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo, a chance catch up with the Peterson Farm Brothers, Kendal joins us now. Kendal, you’re the youngest of the three boys. Did you kind of get drug into this or were you a willing participant when this latest craze kind of started happening for you guys? (Kendal) Yes. So it was Greg’s idea. The oldest brother sometimes has a little power to get the younger brothers to do some more. So in the beginning none of us knew kind of what to expect, so we didn’t realize we’d still be doing this several years later. But we were okay with going on with the first video. We just kind of filmed it while we were working on the farm on a Sunday afternoon here and there. So it wasn’t too much pressure to get going. We enjoyed it once we really started filming, and we’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot from the experience since then. (Duane) People talk about farm and ranching being a family operation, truly yours is. What’s that like to be able to have your brothers side by side with you in that endeavor? (Kendal) So it’s a lot of fun to be in a field and look at the field across the way and see your brother working on the planter or working, just doing all of that at once and to really be able to grow the family at the same time as out there growing crops and cattle. So it’s a lot of fun to work on a family farm, and all the values that teaches you is one thing I really appreciate. (Duane) As we look down the road Greg said there really is no five-year plan, but obviously you guys are getting older. Finishing up college and things like that, and eventually you do kind of have to look to the future. (Kendal) Yes. So the future is up in the air. I know Nathan is excited to graduate and we’re excited to see how the farm can transition with another brother home. Then I’m excited to get home too and see what kind of adjustments I can make. Hopefully we can just improve our farm’s all around efficiency and adding enterprises in whatever way we can. We really look forward to hopefully being able to farm together in whatever capacity that is. So we’re going to keep rolling with these YouTube videos and advocating for agriculture, because that’s something we really value. But the end goal was to farm together. (Duane) Obviously when you started you had no idea it would become as viral as it has, particularly on YouTube. But the thing that I appreciate is the candidness and honesty that you guys have, not only on Facebook, but the videos. It’s the things that you really do day in and day out. (Kendal) Yes, we really try to show that in the Facebook page. It’s just really what we do each day or how much passion farmers really put into what they do, and a lot of other people can share that as well. Everyone that has a farm has something to show whether it’s to consumers or just their neighbors and the people they have influence over. So we really want to encourage other farmers and people who are in production agriculture to do that and that’s a great way to tell the story of agriculture to the general public. (Duane) Obviously, you’ve become a role model to a lot of young kids. You had a chance, you had the fans that were here to get autographs and stuff at the Farm Show. Is that comfortable or have you kind of grown into that? (Kendal) Yes. That is one of the most encouraging parts; it’s getting to see the next generation whether that be the real young kids that we kind of kneel down and take a picture with or like FFA people who doing, who are at conventions and so both of those are really encouraging. We’re kind of following the footsteps of our dad and then we are trying to like encourage the next generation. It’s really exciting to see people get excited about agriculture and that’s one thing we really trying to stress. So it’s great to see the next generation, people excited about not only the videos, but also about farming themselves. (Duane) All right, thanks to Kendal Peterson, one of the Peterson Farm Brothers joining us here at the Great Bend Farm and Ranch Expo. (Jamie), we’ll send it back to you.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane! Stay with us after the break for this week’s Kansas Farm Bureau Update.

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