Kent Kirk – BTI Ag Solutions

(Conrad) Using drones for crop and livestock can drastically increase farm crop yields and operation, while minimizing the cost of walking the fields or air plane fly over filming. BTI Solutions is one of those companies that offers agriculture crop surveillance from drones. (Kent) This BTI Solutions, we’re actually at the 3i Show. We are demonstrating our drones and other precision aid products that we offer our customers. (Conrad) BTI is technologically advanced, from their smart phones to their dealerships. With a full line of John Deere equipment, BTI is known for their education to customers and being in the business to serve a complete area of responsibility. As their customer base continues to be part of an extended family, their neighbors know that they are loyal to them, as they are to others. (Kirk) Well BTI, we formed our ag solutions group in December of 2012. And what we were finding was a lot of our customers were needing a way to get into precision agriculture and what we’ve done is provide them a cost effective way of doing that, so we are consistently looking for new technology for our customers to look at in their operations. (Conrad) Due to interest from farmers, BTI Solutions has been looking for a low cost efficient drone application for scouting that would be used in producer’s fields. (Kirk) Well, there is a lot of interest in drones and what we tried to do was put together a model that’s not terribly expensive that our customers can get into at pretty low cost. We’re kind of presenting this as a scouting tool for our customers to use. Uses that we’re looking at are in the livestock industry and of course crops. Getting an aerial perspective of crops and livestock both. (Conrad) The system that they use is made up of four rotary engines, attached to a Go-Pro camera on a pivot. It’s a very efficient way for producers to use scouting techniques to find their cattle and use it for crops. (Kirk) Well, we did a lot of research on these and looked around to try to find a model that we thought would meet our applications out here and right now for a scouting tool it looks like the Quad Copter is the best tool for that. So, we did find this one, we like the unit. It’s proven to be one that is durable. We have wrecked it a few times, we’ve had to change the blades that’s about all, so they’ve proven to be a pretty good unit. (Conrad) After the break we explore more of the Dodge City 3i Show.

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