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(Conrad) Welcome to Farm Factor on AG am in Kansas. My name is Conrad Kabus. We recently caught up with several producers and consumers at the Kansas Energy Conference in Topeka, Kansas, including Good Energy Solutions. Good Energy Solutions is a substantial energy company. They focus on solar, thermal design and the installation of LED lighting in the central U.S. region. (Kevin) Yeah, we are installing solar portable takes on businesses and homes to reduce people’s kilowatt hour usage every month. This technology is long term, might last 25 years or beyond. The technology is very proven. It’s not really that new of a technology, it’s been around for over 50 years. At least solar panels were installed back in the 1950’s; still producing power out in California. Really what we’re doing as the efficiencies get better for the equipment and the converters and the electronics that are connected improve and their technologies over time, efficiencies just keep getting better. And costs will come down and the finances keep getting better for homeowners and business owners. (Conrad) Consumers and producers have unique needs and resources. Good Energy Solutions can consult with you for a custom plan. And they can carry out that plan with seamless installation. (Kevin) Yeah, we’re seeing it across the board. Homeowners are more interested. We get more and more calls every month, almost month to month we see an uptake in that. Commercial when you start talking about systems that scale, the financials play, I mean, where the returns on investment make it a very good investment for any kind of business. Yeah, we’re seeing that in the ag space where anywhere where you have space, roof space to mount the equipment on and or land that you can ground mount these systems and if you have the high energy usage, the systems are really a great investment. (Conrad) They also have unique approaches for producers who engage in solar technology. (Kevin) Well, certainly in the hog space, we’ve seen a lot of the pig producers doing… actually up in Iowa we’ve seen quite a bit of this, they have some additional incentives up there. We’ve done a… actually a lavender farm where the owners they wanted to put some solar into their… on their barns there. It really… it wouldn’t matter. Any kind of an agricultural facility would, anybody that uses electricity, it really these systems… And we can also do solar hot water systems too. So, for something like a hog producer that would be another good option for them, if they’re using electricity or propane to heat their water or heat, their space heat.

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