Kevin Kolman

(Cyndee) If you want to master the barbecue, you need to follow four simple rules, says Grill Master Kevin Kolman. (Kolman) So in our world we have good grills. Get consistent with the grills. Get really good beef. Then we have seasoning and then we have instruction. And all four of those things if you get them together at the same time you get some really awesome results. But if you miss one of those pillars then all of a sudden it starts to slide back down. (Cyndee) That’s why it’s best to minimize the variables, and highly-marbled beef is an insurance policy to get there. (Kolman) I can get that now it raises the level because if my ingredients are consistent, my grill is consistent and my beef is consistent the results are absolutely through the roof. (Cyndee) Kolman says his career at Weber is about much more than selling grills. It’s about helping to create experiences. (Kolman) Most importantly, especially now a days when people are traveling more, they are out of the house more, when we can get behind a grill, get in the backyard with our family and friends that’s one good way to reconnect with people. (Cyndee) Making sure people know how to handle beef and make it shine is a personal mission. It’s his way of partnering with the ranchers who raise the product. (Kolman) I need to cook better, I need to pay more attention because that’s the only true way I can show appreciation to the people that are raising these animals and this is basically their livelihood so if I can take that energy and transfer that back into how I educate people now it’s exponentially raised through the roof because now I’m trying to show that same appreciation back to people so when they cook a better steak from a really good brand all of a sudden they trust that brand and they’re eating more beef. It’s like this great circle of barbecue that we kind of talked about. (Cyndee) For regular barbecue tips, follow Kevin’s Backyard on Facebook or search for the Weber Nation blog. I’m Cyndee Campbell.

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